Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week:......The BEST is Yet to Come!!!

Hey Family and Friends!<3


First off, Happy Early Father's Day, Fabio! Sorry I am a poor missionary and have nothing to buy you.....but me coming home on Wednesday should make up for my lack of cards and presents for you!😉🎁

Second, SCOTT WAS BAPTIZED THIS MORNING! It was one of the most spiritual baptisms of my mission! We sang "Nearer My God to Thee" with the 4 elders in our ward and Elder Breinholt even got permission to play the guitar with it! 🎵🎶It sounded really good! We were worried there for a little bit! Haha! As Elder Breinholt said, "The angels were singing with us!" Scott was GLOWING AND SO HAPPY! There was a ton of people there and the talks by Bro.Guild and Bro.Birkinsha were amazing! They weren't the usual talks on baptism and the holy ghost. They had really good spins to them that made them even more spiritual! The Bishop even ordered Scott BRAND NEW SCRIPTURES! And we bought him a journal and marking pencils and he was super pumped to finally have the Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price! It was so cool to see how much he has changed since me and Sister Mathis door knocked into him on a cold, rainy, and hailing day in March! He made my mission special and I am so proud of Scott Price!❤

Third, it was as HOT AS HADES IN MICHIGAN this week! It was in the 90's and SUPER humid! We even biked some of the time! I think Heavenly Father is just trying to prep me for some Arizona weather here in a few days!🌡☀
Fourth, the 4 elders in the ward and my ward mission leaders' family through me a "surprise going away breakfast" on Friday morning! It was so sweet! I will miss the Wyoming Ward and the Valverde's! Everyone at the baptism was tearing up and making me sad today, but I told them I would still see them tomorrow and that they can't do that to me or it makes it harder! Haha!

Lastly, momma had some "questions of the week" like she used to do, so here goes nothing:

1.) How has the last month been for you on your mission?

I literally couldn't have asked for a better, more spiritual, more beautiful last month and transfer in Michigan. Zone P-day at Lake Michigan, Scott's baptism, getting to go to the Detroit Temple 2 times before I go home, 2 MLC's, trade-offs with my sisters, the list could go on! Heavenly Father has blessed me more than I can ever repay him.

2.) What are some things that you're going to miss about Michigan?

I am going to miss the GREEN AND FLOWERS! 🌲🌳🌸💮🏵🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷💐 (That is kind of non-existant in AZ. It will take a while to get used to the "brown beauty" again. But I am excited for nightly, beautiful sunsets and and to be there for monsoon season!)🦂🌵 I am also going to miss the members, investigators, less actives, and all my missionary friends.:( But thank heavens for technology and Facebook!;D

3.) What are your favorite things about the members in Michigan?

They are so down to earth, kind, loving, and once a part of their family, ALWAYS a part of their family! They are so much more than just members I have served with! They really are family! And they love the gospel and helping the missionaries (which we are SO grateful for!) You really do have to be a strong member of the church out here in the Midwest! There aren't many of us! But even though we aren't strong in numbers, the members are STRONG in heart.<3 And I love Michigan accents! Usually the members that have lived here their whole lives have it!;) And some of the best memories on my mission have been with members! I will forever love and be grateful for each member that I have come to know and love on my mission! All you members of Michigan, BETTER expect calls and messages from me in a week! Haha!

4.) What's your funniest door knocking story from your mission?

Probably the time when I gave a blind man an ITL card and told him to check out the website on it because there was a cool, Christmas video on it! Opppsss. Bahahaha! #2weeksout #greenie I have had a lot of funny door knocking stories though...I'm blonde...what do you expect?!😂

5.) What's the biggest change that you see in yourself from the beginning of your mission to right now?

I am stronger because I rely on the Lord and my Heavenly Father more. I know in whom I trust.<3 And I am closer to them than I ever have been. I also am more calm and patient than I was before my mission. I know it is because I am closer to the spirit! I know "I can do HARD things!" and that "We are Family!" I have even grown a stronger testimony of The Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith!

6.) What's one thing that you think you've learned from having a companion for 18 months?

YOU CAN LOVE ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY AND THEY CAN BECOME YOU BEST FRIEND/SISTER AS YOU SERVE THEM AND DESIRE TO LOVE THEM! PRAYING FOR CHARITY WORKS! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL 11 OF MY COMPANIONS! (Shout-out to: Sydney Hatfield, Cassidy Nelson, Sister Heather Child, Kya Lau, Breck Steele, Georgia Trent, Jayce Gardner, Bailey Vera, Kaitlyn Mathis, Sister Kinley Gibbs, and Sister Madeline Osmond)

7.) What's the best advice you can give to somebody else who would want to serve a mission?

YOU CAN DO IT! If it's Heavenly Father's plan for you, you can do HARD things! And the best part is, they become GREAT things as you trust the Lord and rely on him! Someone once told me it will all work out if you: 1.) Love the Lord. 2.) Love the people. 3.) Be exactly obedient. Couldn't come up with a truer statement myself!

I love you all and I LOVE this gospel! Our Heavenly Father and Savior know and love each one of us individually. They have a plan for us. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God to restore this gospel. The Book of Mormon is the most true book on earth and there is no other book that can bring us closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior. Our Savior did die for our sins, and because of that, we can live with our families for eternity! Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and he can help us return to live with God again as we follow his guidance. I am so grateful I got to "take a few steps toward Calvary" on my mission, as well as "take a few steps towards heaven". It has brought me closer to my Savior. I know that if we live the gospel. It will all be ok. It will all work out. The Lord has promised us that and I trust in my Lord.
I love you all! Thanks for your constant love, prayers, and emails/letters! It has meant the world and I have really felt your strength! I will talk to you all soon! And the greatest thing you could ever do for me is "Keep the Faith!" Have a stellar week! I love you all!

One Last Time, Lots of Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Love,

Sister Rogers
P.S. Mosiah 2:41 and 2 Timothy 4:7

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Scott's baptism this morning!!!:D

Scott's wife, Scott, us, and the Willard's!:D

My "Surprise, Good-Bye Breakfast" at the Valverde's with all the missionaries in the Wyoming Ward!:D

Our Garage Band! Bahahaha! Trying to practice for "Nearer My God to Thee" for Scott's baptism and when it rained, it poured! So that resulted to us practicing in our garage! #probsnothavingacar #theelderscometous

It's time to go Michigan flowers fell and died and my Arizona succulents are thriving!:( :D

Got to go to the Chalk-Art Festival this morning for my last P-day at Tanger Outlet Mall! It was BOMB! Dad, I told this guy that he needed to win! #stellar (It would've been better as Superman, but Batman is bomb, too!)

Until Arizona! Love you all!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week....."almost done" (as Mom called it): Not Good-Bye! Just See You Later!

Hey Family and Friends!<3

SO THIS IS MY 2ND TO LAST EMAIL AND IT IS KIND OF SURREAL! I am so blessed and grateful though! I couldn't have asked for a better last transfer in the Michigan Lansing Mission in the Grand Rapids Zone in the Wyoming Area (literally the greatest mission, zone, and area in the world-just in case you didn't know)!!!:D

-This last Monday was zone P-day and we got to go to Lake Michigan!!!🏖 IT WAS SO FUN! We played games for hours⚽⚾🏈, I got sunburnt☀🌡 (even though I put on sunscreen-well....a little sunscreen...oppss...), and I even got pied in the face by Elder Rencher!!!......So that story starts by we had a zone goal and whichever district won the zone goal got to pie the AP's (Elder Medina and Elder Cornelison) as well as the Zone Leaders (Elder Blair and Brienholt) in the face. Well....the Spanish elders won and there are 5 elders in that district because one of them is a trio. So......Sister Osmond volunteered and I was TOTALLY ok with that! I was fine being the one without chocolate pudding and whipped cream in my face and hair! Haha! Well...after everyone got pied, one of the Spanish Elders had extra pie left over and Elder Cornelison made the comment that I hadn't gotten pied and that wasn't fair. So guess what?! I totally got pied! I figured out that chocolate pudding and whipped cream is a really good hair conditioner though!;) I was glad I got to join in on the fun! Even though I totally had to go to a dinner appointment after that with leftover pie in my hair that I couldn't wash out at the beach! Haha! Luckily, the members totally understood!;)

-We got to do service for this family with the last name, "Rodgers", this week! We door knocked into a house they were trying to remodel for their 23 year old daughter, Grace. Grace didn't even tell me that "Rodgers" was her last name when we door knocked into them and we didn't meet anyone but her that first time. However, her dad totally knew who we were when we knocked on the door and came back to help and said he remembers Grace told him that one of us was named, "Sister Rogers." It was a cool service opportunity. They asked us a lot of questions about the gospel and we got to help fix up a house.🏡

-We also got to do service for our good friend, Kathy, at her food and clothing pantry! And man! She was happy when we brought in a ton of clothes that we were getting rid of! She was even sad to hear that I was going and we have only done service for her 2 times! That was pretty cool! Cool to see that even doing service for someone 2 times can really leave an impact on them about us and the church.

-We picked up 2, almost 3, investigators this week. Sarah, Mechele, and Betty. Sarah was the wife of a man we door knocked into and when we went back to teach him, he wasn't there, but Sarah let us teach her! She was really sweet! They have 3 kids and are super humble and seemed to be pretty open. Mechele is a 23 year old, cute, black girl who we just adore! We feel like she is our sister! She told us she got a good feeling after we met her outside while she was by her car and that she felt like God's hand was in it. She is awesome! We also met Betty. The first person we door knocked into on a street that day and we had an awesome lesson, put her on date, and everything! But....she texted us and dropped us. We think she got anti-d. It was sad. But all is well here in Zion! We have a lot to be grateful for!❤

-I had my last trade-off with Sister Pope (from Big Rapids) and had my last district meeting from Elder Christensen. Those were bitter-sweet. I have loved being a missionary and serving the missionaries in the Grand Rapids Zone.

-Scott had his interview and according to Elder Christensen, HE PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!<3 🌈 We are so pumped for him! AND YOUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING BECAUSE HIS WIFE IS COMING TO HIS BAPTISM AND WE HAVE NEVER MET HER BEFORE! Such a cool miracle! Please keep praying for him to avoid temptation and that his wife and boss' hearts will be softened.<3

-We had a surprise, #2 MLC (since it was President and Sister Jacobsen's last one) and they took all the mission leadership to the Detroit Temple as a surprise. It was so fun! We even got to go spend the night in my mission home-town (East Lansing) for the night with the MSU sisters and some other sisters since we had to get up so early in the morning. It was so fun to be at the temple and feel that spirit and peace.:) And now I get to go again next week before I go home. Lucky me.:)<3

-We went to another doctor's appointment for Sister Osmond and Dr.Vickers has been fixing her feet and she is doing a lot better! And getting new shoes! Yay! Because we lose the car tonight....:/

-Me and Sister Osmond got to do service for this Grandville Summer Kick-off Festival that they do for families here in our cute town. We got to run booths that were next to each other and it was pretty much a carnival! It was a good way to get the church's name out there! There is no better feeling and sight than when you see people pointing at your name tag and whispering to each other! Bahahahaha!

-We got to go to East Lansing a second time this week because Sister Osmond went to the temple with a recent convert and I got to go personal contact on MSU Campus and I loved life! It was the best! East Lansing and the Grand Rapids Areas have my heart! I even met someone on campus from Grand Rapids and we got to give her as a referral to the Grand Rapids sisters, so that was awesome!!!

P.S. Sister Mathis, I met a black lady named Chevy this week and thought of you!😂

Funny story of the week: When you are joking and yell "Quiete!" (spelled somthing like that) to your Spanish Ward mission leaders, companion, and 4 elders in your ward while the Spanish Branch is having their sacrament meeting. I thought it meant, "Be quiet." but apparently it means, "Shut up." Blonde moment, Sister Rogers. What a good example you are. Opppsss.....bahahaha!

Fun Fact I learned this week: 1 day for Heavenly Father=1000 years for us (Time really does fly for him!)
I love you all! I love this gospel! I love Michigan and I will talk to you all on Saturday (my last P-day of the mission)! Keep the faith and have a stellar week!😁😀

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

The whole gang. The MLC in the MLM at the Detroit temple.<3

Surprise, MLC Trip #2 to the Detroit Temple<3

We have had a little bit too much fun as the zone leaders and sister training leaders in the Grand Rapids Zone!:D

Some of our MTC gang that was all together at the Jacobsen's Farewell this morning! Elder Gibby gave us lea's from Hawaii since we are going home soon!!! So sweet!

3/4 sisters that go home in our group this transfer! And they are in the G-Rap Zone!;D

Me after getting pied in the face! Bahahahaha! Some of it is wiped off! Thanks, Elder Rencher! (Video coming soon!)

I promise we all got pied! Sister Osmond had just wiped it off by the time this picture was taken! Haha!

Week 79: Gotta Use the Side Door

Hey Family and Friends!:D

Lucky you! You get to hear from me after only a couple days! Haha!:) From Thursday until now has been crazy busy and really good! We have been super blessed the last couple of days!
Scott's doing awesome and still going strong! :) We read 2 Nephi 31 with him the other day and he got choked up as he read about baptism! It was the sweetest thing! He even texted us on Saturday and asked us if it was fast Sunday (because we were scrubs and forgot to tell him). Haha. He also asked us at church where the fast offering slips were and he isn't even baptized yet! It's so cool! Please keep praying that he can withstand Satan's temptations and that his boss will let him have all of Sundays off quickly! We want to help him hurry and get the priesthood after he is baptized, but he has only come to priesthood once, so we have to get him there more than that!

The Le Family is doing great! We taught them with Sister Ashby (the Primary President) and the lesson went awesome! We even gave them a church tour with the Ashby family to help them feel more comfortable AND THEY CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! It was so cute! They sat by the Ashby family and the ward was so great at welcoming them! The Wyoming Ward has definitely learned the difference from just being a "fellowshipper" at church and really being a "shepherd" and leading and guiding Heavenly Father's children back home to him. I love that about this ward. Derek is 5 and Alyssa is 9 and they both loved Primary! Alex (the dad) even seemed to enjoy all of church! He was smiling and laughing by the end of it! He told us he wants to come just to support his family, but I think he is liking the gospel more than he lets on! Jenni (the mom) seemed super comfortable and had a good time as well! I got up in church to bear my testimony for the last time in this ward and the Le's were so sad that I only have a couple weeks left! They go out of town soon, so we are going to try and teach them one more time before I go home! Pray that they will keep coming to church and meeting with the missionaries though! And even that Alex will have a softened heart to want to join the church with his wife and kids. I just love them!<3

Miguel came to church! SO WE HAD 6 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH! IT WAS AWESOME!:D We kind of had to drop Miguel though! He loved fast and testimony meeting, but he is just so hooked on his church! It is hard to convert him to the true gospel when he links the gospel to his church since that is where he went to change his life. It is hard, but he has an awesome, passionate testimony of Jesus Christ that made me want to come even closer to Christ. I am grateful for all that he taught me.

We went to the Holland sisters baptism this weekend and that was fun! Oh! And we taught these two drunk brothers named Alex and Eric the other day! It took all of our self-control to not just start busting up laughing in that lesson! They were bickering with each other and I just felt to ask them, "Are you both drunk?" And then they said they were and added some colorful language in there, so we said it would be better if we came back when they were sober and they thought the same thing! Haha!

We got in contact with Katherine again! It was a miracle! She shined us our first lesson and we went back yesterday to knock on her door with no luck! She didn't answer! So we were writing her a note and going to stick it on her side door (because everyone in Michigan uses their side doors more than their front doors) and that door ended up being opened! So we knocked louder and she ended up being home! She just didn't hear us knock the first couple times! We went in and had a really good lesson with her! She has been really overwhelmed and told us she hasn't been feeling like a good mom and her house is a mess (which it really wasn't). So we shared a Mormon Message with her about how she is a good enough mom! We are going to go help her tidy up a bit and teach her another lesson on Tuesday! It was so cool too because she said, "I read the introduction to The Book of Mormon and I was going to ask my pastor about it! But then I thought to myself, I don't need to ask him, I can just ask God!" It was literally one of the coolest, smartest things I have ever heard anyone say on my mission! Haha! We tell people that all the time, but the fact that she came to that conclusion on her own was awesome!:D

We taught a new investigator named Jayme yesterday. She has 2 little boys and her husband wasn't home, so it made for a crazy lesson! But we had a cute, young couple that just moved in our ward come and it turned out pretty good! Jayme really wants to start teaching her boys about Jesus Christ! So that is cool!

We got invited to a dinner appointment last night and the members' invited a less active, but when the members went to go pick her up for dinner, she was a no show. So we told them we would go right after dinner and we ended up meeting with her! She didn't answer her front door, so AGAIN we used the side door and she answered! She didn't want to let us in at first, but then she said she would go put her wig on and then let us in! Haha! (Only in Grand Rapids....) We ended up having a really good lesson with her and she wants to get to the temple! Her husband just left her and her daughter tells her she isn't Christian being a Mormon, so she has been through a lot of trials! But, she let us in even though she told us her daughter told her not to open the door for us! She is a strong woman and we are excited to help get her back to the temple! She has even come to church quite a few times! And we figured out she was ready for dinner earlier. She had looked out the window and held up her finger to tell the member she would be out in a minute, but the member didn't see her and drove away! So we were able to clear up some mixed feelings on that! It was cool!:)

So lessons learned of the week.....use the side door, be a shepherd and not just a fellowshipper, and keep smilin'! I love you all and hope you have a stellar week! 

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

This is the only pic I have for this week! Funny story: This was at zone conference and they made me stay sitting in a chair because I am the "old grandma in the mission"! Good grief! Haha!:) Love these girls! (Some from the Grand Rapids and some for the Kalamazoo Zones)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Week 78: I am running out of ideas for these....

Hey Family and Friends!:D<3

It has been a BUSY last week and a half (as you can tell because I haven't sent an email in forever)! Here's some of the craziness of our lives lately:

-We taught this guy named Chet a couple weeks ago and TOTALLY de-bunked all of his anti-Mormon literature. It was awesome! He said, "Wow! You guys punched holes in all of these!" It was so cool to see that we were literally able to "confound men" as we had the spirit to be with us!

-We taught this guy named Josh we found while personal contacting in our apartment complex! He remembered learning from elder missionaries in Honduras when he was 14 and he is now 24! We got to refer him to the Spanish elders and we are wishing them the best! He was so cool and really searching for truth! Plus, he was so humble! So that's always a good sign!:D

-We saw Dan and Dawn Krieger for the first time last Monday after it being a couple weeks (the random family we door knocked into that fed us Easter Sunday)! They fed us dinner again and then we got to teach them the restoration after dinner without even telling them! They just kept asking us a ton of questions and we testified that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Dawn wasn't really interested, but Dan took a Book of Mormon! It was so cool! He wants to read it! I even testified that I felt like I knew them before this life because I love them so much and feel so close to them! It doesn't even matter that they aren't our investigators, or if I have only been over there 3 times! They are family! And they even want me to come back and stay with them when I visit Michigan! Haha!:)

-We taught one of our new investigators named Miguel! (I have met and taught a lot of Miguel's here in Grandville. Haha!) He was super nervous to come to church, but he came on Sunday! He only came to first hour because he wanted to go to his church after, so we are still working on that, but he is super awesome and humble! He is willing to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! So that is always a good sign!

-We personal contacted into this guy the other day WHO SOLD US SUCCULENTS IN MICHIGAN! Me and Sister Osmond bought some and they are the cutest, little things ever! (A.K.A. Sister Osmond bought us some because I am a poor missionary and have no money.) We were literally more excited to get plants from AZ then when we got flowers from MI on Mothers' Day. It was hilarious!) The guy's name was Michael and he said, "You try and come sell me Jesus and I end up selling you succulents!" Haha! He took a Book of Mormon though, so that was cool!

-We taught this super sweet lady in her 60's named Mary, but we just couldn't teach her because her family that she lived with wasn't supportive of it. It was sad, but cool to see we helped someone prepare for the celestial kingdom someday.<3

-We had trade-offs with the Grand Rapids Sisters and Ludington Sisters! I got to be with Sister Burnhardt and Sister Murphy! They are so fun! I love, love, love being an STL! I learn so much from them!<3

-We had my last zone conference and I had to give a TRAINING AND GIVE A DEPARTING TESTIMONY! But I didn't even cry! I was so impressed! (That is hard to believe if you know me! Haha!) They went great, but I am sure glad they are over!

-We did an eagle project and got to get our hands dirty helping Bishop's son, Dallin, put together tables for refugees. It was fun, but apparently there are some crazy pictures of me from that on the internet. Sorry, peeps......just don't look too long or I might make you blind.


-We were praying last week to find a new investigator because we literally didn't have time all day to door knock because we were so busy! And GUESS WHAT?! As we were walking to the library (so I could work on my training for zone conference), this lady named Katherine literally walked up to us, introduced herself, and let us teach her about the Book of Mormon! So cool to see when we ask Heavenly Father specific questions, he gives us specific answers! And he gives us easy missionary opportunities! I challenge you all to pray for opportunities to share the gospel in your day-to-day life and have the courage to testify of what you know to be true!

-We also met this older lady named Elizabeth who used to meet with the sisters and they also used to do service for her. It was so cool because we got to give her some love! It was so sad! She has no family, lives by herself, has no friends, and said she has a super big void in her life and started crying. We testified that Heavenly Father knows and is aware of her and that is why he sent us sisters back to her! She was crying even more by then and just told us how grateful she was. She said she wasn't interested in becoming a Mormon, but was so grateful for our friendship. It was so cool! Me and Sister Osmond left that appointment and said we would never complain about being lonely EVER again. You never know how good you have it until you have experiences like that. Elizabeth truly changed me that day.

-Scott is doing AWESOME! We had the most spiritual dinner appointment Monday night! Literally the coolest dinner appointment of my entire mission! He came to dinner at a members' and it was so cool! The members were both returned missionaries and they all shared their conversion story and how they came to know that the Book of Mormon was true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. And the members even invited other members over who were converts and could totally relate to Scott. One of the members even had a drinking and smoking problem that he had to give up before joining the church! They are coming with us tomorrow afternoon to teach Scott! At the dinner appointment, Scott even shared that he didn't even want to meet with us when we first knocked on his door. He just feel asleep on the couch from his 3rd shift job and he had to leave in a couple hours for his other job. He said he told us yes, just to get us off of his door step and if it weren't for the spirit telling him, "Get up and get ready. You told the sisters you were going to meet them at the library in a half hour and you need to go.", he wouldn't have even gone. He said he is so grateful because it literally helped him at such an emotional time of his life. It was so cool to see! And I am so grateful for my persistent companion, Sister Mathis, at the time who always gives people multiple times to say yes to the gospel! If she wasn't so persistent on the door step, we wouldn't have Scott! LOVE YOU, SISTER MATHIS! OH! And Scott got to come to all 3 hours of church on Sunday (because he had work off due to Memorial Day)! He loved it! He was like a kid at Christmas! Continue to pray that his boss will be able to hurry and give him all of Sunday's off, that he can stop smoking and drinking by Saturday, and that he will continue to feel of the Spirit. We are still working towards June 17th! He keeps announcing his baptism and it's the coolest!:D

I love you all! I am running out of time! But I get to talk to you all again on Monday! Have a stellar week and keep the faith! Remember Christ is always there whether you see it or not!

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Our succulents! <3

Got to see a ton of old comps at my last zone conference! Love these girls! (Sister Child is missing in this picture though! She had already left!)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 77: Oh Michigan Weather....

Hey Family and Friends!:)

WOWZA! I HAVE LESS THAN A MONTH! AHHHH! I am trying so hard to finish strong and literally just end up collapsing in my family's arms at the airport due to exhaustion! (At least that is my plan!) Haha!😉
Here is some of the craziness that went on this week:

-We went down to Lansing on Tuesday for MLC and finished it up with a BBQ at the Jacobsen's (mission home). It was so fun and the weather was so beautiful!:) Lansing and Grand Rapids literally have my heart.❤

-We had trade-off's with the Holland sisters and I got to go with Sister Tongi! We had a blast, like always! I love that girl!

-Heather (one of our member friends) took us to "The Rainbow Grill" for dinner this week, but apparently we have been saying it wrong. According to Heather it is suppose to be called, "The Rainbow!" (There you go, Heather, you better be proud of me! Haha!)

-Heather also saved us from freezing to death the other day. We woke up to a sunny day in Michigan and as we were out (and without a car, keep in mind) Michigan decided to play a joke on us and start getting windy, cold, and dumping rain. We prayed that somebody would let us in their home to teach them, but turns out Heather was driving by and had 2 EXTRA JACKETS IN HER CAR! And people tell me God isn't real....pshhh....Heather just proved it this week with miracle #507,231 on my mission.

-Scott is killin' it! He got on Chant-x to help with his smoking and drinking. His boss even told him that he could help him get all of Sunday's off, he just has to be patient for a few weeks while they are hiring some new people. His baptism date is June 17th now, though! We are pumped! We are doing everything we can to help him! Please continue praying for him! It really makes a difference!

-We did service at this food/clothing pantry for a few hours on Thursday morning. While we are helping out we hear, "Sisters!" (Not often due people call out our names here in Michigan....we don't live in Utah....) Turns out we met 2 less actives there that day! It was so cool! One of them even wants to start coming back to church and is in our ward! Yay!:D

-I lost our phone yesterday after we were cracking jokes about our old companions losing things all the time literally that same morning. (I think Heavenly Father was trying to humble me.) After a ton of freaking out, ransacking member's cars without them being home (we thought we left it in their car and since it was unlocked and they weren't home we totally went in their car....Ha!), and a prayer a lady called us on the member's phone that we were with and she had found it on the ground in our apartment complex! Holla! We were so grateful! You can't do anything on a mission without a phone! Especially seeing as we don't have a car!

-We have been picking up a couple new gators and one of them is Neal! He is super humble and sweet! He is really looking for truth! He even went to our church while he was in the army! Super cool!

-We also met and taught this cute family named the Le's. We are really trying to get them to come to church. Jenni is from Cambodia and Alex is from Vietnam and they have the two cutest kids ever!<3
Anyways, I think that was this week in a nutshell! I love you all and hope you have a stellar week!<3

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

I got to see my friend, Alex, from the MSU Ward, when I went down to Lansing on Tuesday and he also came up to Grand Rapids on Saturday to take us out to dinner and say bye! He leaves tomorrow for Utah and then Wednesday for the MTC! He is going to Canada on his mission! Woo-Hoo! He was one of the first baptisms I ever went to on my mission and all of us missionaries love this guy! Good luck, Alex! You will be missed, but you will do great in Canada!:)

All 10 of us STL's being bused to the mission home after MLC on Tuesday by Elder Cornelison and Elder Blair! Party!

All of us STL's of the MLM on the transfer van! Love these girls!❤

                                                          MLC down in Lansing! BBQ at the Jacobsen's!😀

                                                   We love our mission mama, Sister Jacobsen!❤💙💚💛💜

I have been so blessed to have the GREATEST mission president and his wife IN THE WORLD! We love, love, love the Jacobsen's!<3

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 76: Commit to the Mitt!

Hey Family and Friends!:)

HAPPY LATE MOTHER'S DAY! ❤💙💚💛💜 It was soooo nice Skyping the fam yesterday even though I will see them in
5 weeks! Haha! My family is more trunky for me to come home than I am!😂 This last week and a half have been a little crazy. Here's some of the stuff that went on:

-Sister Gibbs left us and went down to Kalamazoo! We miss our trio! We adore her! Love you, Sister Gibbs!😢<3

-We had an area broadcast last Sunday, May 7th, from the General Authorities and Scott loved it! He even stayed a little later than he usually does (he usually leaves after 2nd hour because of work). He stayed 45 minutes later because he was so into it! We hope he wasn't late for work! And he even told his friend he was meeting with the sisters and invited his friend to learn about the gospel! Already doing missionary work! We love Scott! Please pray for him to continue to overcome his addictions and that his boss will give him Sunday's off work so he can come to all of church!

-We have picked up some new investigators this week. A 16 year old senior named Darren, and old man named Rick, a 16 year old Rugby player from Thailand named Blu, and a middle aged Christian Reformed man named Chet. So that was fun! We are just trying to make them solid and pick up more solid investigators!

-I started MyPlan.....😓 (A.K.A. This program for missionaries their last 6 weeks to help them transition out of mission life easier.) It really isn't as bad as I thought, though. It is helping me a lot!

-We biked like maniacs this week! We only have 1 car in between 3 sets of missionaries right now because one of our cars is in the shop! But that's ok, because it has been in the 70's, slightly breezy, and just the right amount of sun this week so it is fun and we have been seeing a lot of miracles! It is nothing like 110 degree weather that AZ is getting right now! Sorry, fam! Haha!

-Our bikes are a little screwed up and needed air this week so we asked this cool motorcycle biker dude outside of his house and him and his wife helped fix our janky bikes and put air in them! Tender mercy!

-I finished my last eterna-week ever!😖(First week of the transfer where we don't have district meeting or P-day=a very long week, BUT a lot of missionary work gets done.) I can't believe how fast this eterna-week flew! They never go by fast, so I have a feeling that this last transfer is going to fly by!

-Me and Sister Osmond found this cute little diner called, Rainbow Grill, that we may or may not have gone there for lunch twice this week!😉

-Funny story: We walk up to this guy this week cleaning out his car. He was probably in his 50's. We say hi and introduce ourselves and he says, "CAN YOU BAPTIZE ME?! HOLD ON! I AM GOING TO RUN INSIDE AND GET MY HOLY WATER FROM JERUSALEM!" Then, he dashes inside and me and Sister Osmond just look at each other and start busting up laughing. When he comes back outside with this little vile of water we can't help but think, "Hmmm....I wonder what scam artist got big bucks from this guy in selling him tap water which he thinks is holy water from Jerusalem?" We tell him we can't baptize him and why....and he starts going off about UFO's and out of body experiences. Yeah......we think he may have been just a little drunk......

-Another funny story: This old man named Bob we door knocked into is in his late 80's and he has hard core PTSD from the Korean War. He looks at me and says, "You look really you have a boyfriend?!" And in the mean time all I am thinking is, "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!" Hahahahaha!

Anyways, this week has been awesome and stellar! I love you guys and hope you all have a great week! Keep the faith!
Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

It's like a first vision redo! Michigan is so beautiful!<3 Holy ground!

Our other sister left us! We miss our Sister Gibbs! We know she is doing great things in Kalamazoo though! <3 (And thanks for photo bombing us Elder Hartley!)

The Wyoming Ward gave us flowers even though we aren't mom's yet! So sweet!<3

The cutest duck family you will ever see in your life!<3 They live in the pond right by us! I will miss this part of Michigan!<3

Love this family of mine! (Missing one sis! Miss you Ez!<3)

Saturday, May 6, 2017




I was so pumped! Literally 9 months in this area! I love it! <3 I told Bishop Openshaw this morning and he is so funny! He said, "So...we get to bury you?!" Bahahaha! Good ol' Wyoming Ward! How I love it!😂 I guess since I had 3 areas in my first 9 months Heavenly Father decided to let me stay my last 9 months in Wyoming. I am so grateful!<3

Funny story: We were staying at the mission home for a night this week down in Lansing and President told me, "Don't expect a call tonight!" (The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders only get a call from President Thursday night if something is changing, and since Sister Osmond just got here, the call would most definitely be for me!) And I was so excited! Then at 9:30 pm that same night he calls me and Sister Gibbs describes it as I "was shaking" when I heard his ringtone and answered the phone! He said, "Hi Sister Rogers! How is Sister Gibbs doing?......How are you doing?......Ok, well I just wanted to tell you I love you three! Bye!" I WAS SO WORRIED HE WAS MOVING ME AND THAT HE HAD TRICKED ME THAT MORNING! HAHA! President is the master jokster and you could just hear our AP's, Elder Cornelison and Medina laughing in the background the whole conversation! I am sure they had nothing to do with that idea of tricking us!;)

This week has been crazy! I got sick....(what's new?).....and we had a sister I love that had to go home due to some medical reasons. So most of this week was spent being with Sister Gibbs, Sister Osmond, and back and forth driving from Lansing. But it is all good! It has been fun being in a third trio and I told Sister Gibbs she is officially one of my companions since she has been with us for like a week! Haha!:)

My old STL, Sister Young, came back to visit for the second time since I have been in Wyoming and came and taught Scott with us! She also came door knocking with me and she was an answer to prayers with helping me adjust to the real world here soon! I am so grateful for her!

We have picked up a couple new gators and the work is going really good here in Wyoming! I am so grateful for the gospel! I love you all and hope you have a stellar week!<3

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Me and Sister Gibbs hitting the streets on our bikes! (Only the 2nd time on my mission! And man was I sore.....)


Pretty sunset!:)

The flowers are BLOOMING! (And my body is feeling it....)

Selfies with President! (He's pretty good, right?!)

Trio'ing it up!:D

(*had to add a pic from Sis Young's Facebook page on her visit with her homes in Wyoming!  Sis Rogers sure misses her!)