Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 76: Commit to the Mitt!

Hey Family and Friends!:)

HAPPY LATE MOTHER'S DAY! ❤💙💚💛💜 It was soooo nice Skyping the fam yesterday even though I will see them in
5 weeks! Haha! My family is more trunky for me to come home than I am!😂 This last week and a half have been a little crazy. Here's some of the stuff that went on:

-Sister Gibbs left us and went down to Kalamazoo! We miss our trio! We adore her! Love you, Sister Gibbs!😢<3

-We had an area broadcast last Sunday, May 7th, from the General Authorities and Scott loved it! He even stayed a little later than he usually does (he usually leaves after 2nd hour because of work). He stayed 45 minutes later because he was so into it! We hope he wasn't late for work! And he even told his friend he was meeting with the sisters and invited his friend to learn about the gospel! Already doing missionary work! We love Scott! Please pray for him to continue to overcome his addictions and that his boss will give him Sunday's off work so he can come to all of church!

-We have picked up some new investigators this week. A 16 year old senior named Darren, and old man named Rick, a 16 year old Rugby player from Thailand named Blu, and a middle aged Christian Reformed man named Chet. So that was fun! We are just trying to make them solid and pick up more solid investigators!

-I started MyPlan.....😓 (A.K.A. This program for missionaries their last 6 weeks to help them transition out of mission life easier.) It really isn't as bad as I thought, though. It is helping me a lot!

-We biked like maniacs this week! We only have 1 car in between 3 sets of missionaries right now because one of our cars is in the shop! But that's ok, because it has been in the 70's, slightly breezy, and just the right amount of sun this week so it is fun and we have been seeing a lot of miracles! It is nothing like 110 degree weather that AZ is getting right now! Sorry, fam! Haha!

-Our bikes are a little screwed up and needed air this week so we asked this cool motorcycle biker dude outside of his house and him and his wife helped fix our janky bikes and put air in them! Tender mercy!

-I finished my last eterna-week ever!😖(First week of the transfer where we don't have district meeting or P-day=a very long week, BUT a lot of missionary work gets done.) I can't believe how fast this eterna-week flew! They never go by fast, so I have a feeling that this last transfer is going to fly by!

-Me and Sister Osmond found this cute little diner called, Rainbow Grill, that we may or may not have gone there for lunch twice this week!😉

-Funny story: We walk up to this guy this week cleaning out his car. He was probably in his 50's. We say hi and introduce ourselves and he says, "CAN YOU BAPTIZE ME?! HOLD ON! I AM GOING TO RUN INSIDE AND GET MY HOLY WATER FROM JERUSALEM!" Then, he dashes inside and me and Sister Osmond just look at each other and start busting up laughing. When he comes back outside with this little vile of water we can't help but think, "Hmmm....I wonder what scam artist got big bucks from this guy in selling him tap water which he thinks is holy water from Jerusalem?" We tell him we can't baptize him and why....and he starts going off about UFO's and out of body experiences. Yeah......we think he may have been just a little drunk......

-Another funny story: This old man named Bob we door knocked into is in his late 80's and he has hard core PTSD from the Korean War. He looks at me and says, "You look really you have a boyfriend?!" And in the mean time all I am thinking is, "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!" Hahahahaha!

Anyways, this week has been awesome and stellar! I love you guys and hope you all have a great week! Keep the faith!
Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

It's like a first vision redo! Michigan is so beautiful!<3 Holy ground!

Our other sister left us! We miss our Sister Gibbs! We know she is doing great things in Kalamazoo though! <3 (And thanks for photo bombing us Elder Hartley!)

The Wyoming Ward gave us flowers even though we aren't mom's yet! So sweet!<3

The cutest duck family you will ever see in your life!<3 They live in the pond right by us! I will miss this part of Michigan!<3

Love this family of mine! (Missing one sis! Miss you Ez!<3)

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