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I was so pumped! Literally 9 months in this area! I love it! <3 I told Bishop Openshaw this morning and he is so funny! He said, "So...we get to bury you?!" Bahahaha! Good ol' Wyoming Ward! How I love it!😂 I guess since I had 3 areas in my first 9 months Heavenly Father decided to let me stay my last 9 months in Wyoming. I am so grateful!<3

Funny story: We were staying at the mission home for a night this week down in Lansing and President told me, "Don't expect a call tonight!" (The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders only get a call from President Thursday night if something is changing, and since Sister Osmond just got here, the call would most definitely be for me!) And I was so excited! Then at 9:30 pm that same night he calls me and Sister Gibbs describes it as I "was shaking" when I heard his ringtone and answered the phone! He said, "Hi Sister Rogers! How is Sister Gibbs doing?......How are you doing?......Ok, well I just wanted to tell you I love you three! Bye!" I WAS SO WORRIED HE WAS MOVING ME AND THAT HE HAD TRICKED ME THAT MORNING! HAHA! President is the master jokster and you could just hear our AP's, Elder Cornelison and Medina laughing in the background the whole conversation! I am sure they had nothing to do with that idea of tricking us!;)

This week has been crazy! I got sick....(what's new?).....and we had a sister I love that had to go home due to some medical reasons. So most of this week was spent being with Sister Gibbs, Sister Osmond, and back and forth driving from Lansing. But it is all good! It has been fun being in a third trio and I told Sister Gibbs she is officially one of my companions since she has been with us for like a week! Haha!:)

My old STL, Sister Young, came back to visit for the second time since I have been in Wyoming and came and taught Scott with us! She also came door knocking with me and she was an answer to prayers with helping me adjust to the real world here soon! I am so grateful for her!

We have picked up a couple new gators and the work is going really good here in Wyoming! I am so grateful for the gospel! I love you all and hope you have a stellar week!<3

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Me and Sister Gibbs hitting the streets on our bikes! (Only the 2nd time on my mission! And man was I sore.....)


Pretty sunset!:)

The flowers are BLOOMING! (And my body is feeling it....)

Selfies with President! (He's pretty good, right?!)

Trio'ing it up!:D

(*had to add a pic from Sis Young's Facebook page on her visit with her homes in Wyoming!  Sis Rogers sure misses her!)

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