Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 77: Oh Michigan Weather....

Hey Family and Friends!:)

WOWZA! I HAVE LESS THAN A MONTH! AHHHH! I am trying so hard to finish strong and literally just end up collapsing in my family's arms at the airport due to exhaustion! (At least that is my plan!) Haha!😉
Here is some of the craziness that went on this week:

-We went down to Lansing on Tuesday for MLC and finished it up with a BBQ at the Jacobsen's (mission home). It was so fun and the weather was so beautiful!:) Lansing and Grand Rapids literally have my heart.❤

-We had trade-off's with the Holland sisters and I got to go with Sister Tongi! We had a blast, like always! I love that girl!

-Heather (one of our member friends) took us to "The Rainbow Grill" for dinner this week, but apparently we have been saying it wrong. According to Heather it is suppose to be called, "The Rainbow!" (There you go, Heather, you better be proud of me! Haha!)

-Heather also saved us from freezing to death the other day. We woke up to a sunny day in Michigan and as we were out (and without a car, keep in mind) Michigan decided to play a joke on us and start getting windy, cold, and dumping rain. We prayed that somebody would let us in their home to teach them, but turns out Heather was driving by and had 2 EXTRA JACKETS IN HER CAR! And people tell me God isn't real....pshhh....Heather just proved it this week with miracle #507,231 on my mission.

-Scott is killin' it! He got on Chant-x to help with his smoking and drinking. His boss even told him that he could help him get all of Sunday's off, he just has to be patient for a few weeks while they are hiring some new people. His baptism date is June 17th now, though! We are pumped! We are doing everything we can to help him! Please continue praying for him! It really makes a difference!

-We did service at this food/clothing pantry for a few hours on Thursday morning. While we are helping out we hear, "Sisters!" (Not often due people call out our names here in Michigan....we don't live in Utah....) Turns out we met 2 less actives there that day! It was so cool! One of them even wants to start coming back to church and is in our ward! Yay!:D

-I lost our phone yesterday after we were cracking jokes about our old companions losing things all the time literally that same morning. (I think Heavenly Father was trying to humble me.) After a ton of freaking out, ransacking member's cars without them being home (we thought we left it in their car and since it was unlocked and they weren't home we totally went in their car....Ha!), and a prayer a lady called us on the member's phone that we were with and she had found it on the ground in our apartment complex! Holla! We were so grateful! You can't do anything on a mission without a phone! Especially seeing as we don't have a car!

-We have been picking up a couple new gators and one of them is Neal! He is super humble and sweet! He is really looking for truth! He even went to our church while he was in the army! Super cool!

-We also met and taught this cute family named the Le's. We are really trying to get them to come to church. Jenni is from Cambodia and Alex is from Vietnam and they have the two cutest kids ever!<3
Anyways, I think that was this week in a nutshell! I love you all and hope you have a stellar week!<3

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

I got to see my friend, Alex, from the MSU Ward, when I went down to Lansing on Tuesday and he also came up to Grand Rapids on Saturday to take us out to dinner and say bye! He leaves tomorrow for Utah and then Wednesday for the MTC! He is going to Canada on his mission! Woo-Hoo! He was one of the first baptisms I ever went to on my mission and all of us missionaries love this guy! Good luck, Alex! You will be missed, but you will do great in Canada!:)

All 10 of us STL's being bused to the mission home after MLC on Tuesday by Elder Cornelison and Elder Blair! Party!

All of us STL's of the MLM on the transfer van! Love these girls!❤

                                                          MLC down in Lansing! BBQ at the Jacobsen's!😀

                                                   We love our mission mama, Sister Jacobsen!❤💙💚💛💜

I have been so blessed to have the GREATEST mission president and his wife IN THE WORLD! We love, love, love the Jacobsen's!<3

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