Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 21:Fun in the Ghetto!:D #toowhiteforSouthLansing

So I am super you all know....and we get part of South Lansing in our area (as well as Okemos) and South Lansing is so fun! Haha! I have some crazy stories for when I get home! Haha! But people are so humble and kind when they come from rough backgrounds and circumstances, I LOVE it! I have met some awesome people and have learned a lot from serving in this area! I have picked up some street smarts, too! (Believe it or not!) Haha!

1.) How's David doing? And did you get to meet with Jesslyn again? New investigators? 

David's doing good! He came to church for the first time on Sunday! He's no longer on date because he needs to build his testimony a little more! But I feel so much better that he is taking it slow and seriously so he can really build his foundation instead of jumping into it!:)

Jesslyn was busy this week so we meet with her on Saturday!:)

And then we are teaching two new investigators! Russell and Timmy! They are stellar! I don't have much time to write all about them today, but just keep them in your prayers please!

2.) Have you made any special connections with the ward members there so far?

Yes! I love this ward! I think I will feel that way about every ward I serve in though! (At least I hope!)

3.) It looks like Sister Lau likes to cook. Have your cooking skills improved? Do you guys get fed often?

Sister Lau does like to cook! We cook healthy things! And my cooking skills have improved! (They were never bad, Mom. Haha!;) )We don't have much time to make things, but we still do! And we do get fed quite a bit by members! Probably like 5 times a week! And they are stellar about not feeding me dairy! Haha! Everyone loves to ask us what we want and whenever we say, "MEXICAN FOOD!" They laugh and say that we probably miss having REAL mexican food! And we always nod in agreement! Haha!

4.) Completely random.....If you could choose one food you totally miss from home right now, what would it be?

BAHAHAHA! Mexican food! I didn't even see this question, so I guess I already answered it! But just REAL, AUTHENTIC, Mexican food!:)

5.) Are you happy to be serving?

Never been happier and shed more tears in all my 19 years of living! I love seeing people's eyes light up when they know their is hope through our Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no better feeling! One of my old companions said it best, "My mission can't be described in words, only tears."

I am SO STOKED to see my STELLAR family in 13 days! (Not like I am counting or anything!) I love you all and remember you are in my prayers! Thanks for all your prayers, email, and love! They mean the world! Have a STELLAR week!<3

Your Favorite Sister Missionary;)
Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

This is the only picture this week! Sorry! But I love my district! Our district leader and one Elder in our ward are getting transferred today and I might cry! They have both been in my district since I have been out here on my mission! Sad day!:(

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 20: The Sun Actually Shines Here?...

This week has been wonderful! We had zone conference and it was so good! We talked a lot about testifying and inviting people to learn boldly and I have seen SO MANY miracles this week because of that. I testified to a man after he said he wasn't interested about how Heavenly Father has a plan for him and this gospel will bless his life and make him happy and he just started spewing out his number to me right when I finished. I also testified to a lady who was trying to argue with me and say that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost were one and you could tell she felt the spirit. She calmed down and wasn't as riled up. She also couldn't argue with us after that. She was a mess of words. It was exactly like the scripture says, "Men shall be confounded..." (or along those lines) as we testify of Christ. Well here are Momma's "questions of the week":

1.) How is David doing? Any successes this past week?

David is doing great! He came to a baptism on Saturday for this little boy in our ward who is like in love with me (not to brag or anything). We eat dinner with their family once a week and every time I went over, he kept asking if I would be at his baptism. Haha! And then the elders in the ward even called a couple days before and said that we better be coming or he would freak out! Haha! But David really liked the baptism and I know he felt the Spirit. We are just working on building his testimony. Keep him in your prayers please!

We also taught a new lady named, Jesslyn, who we door knocked into. She is the sweetest and is of the Bahai faith. Strange thing about their faith. When we met her she already knew about the Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, and Book of Mormon. They base the belief of their prophet off a scripture in the Doctrine in Covenants. So strange! But she wants to keep learning more so we are excited to see where it goes! Her family is adorable as well! She has a 19 year old girl, 14 year old boy, and 6 year old girl who is a ball of fire! She is hilarious and adorable! Her name is Hyacinth (like the flower!):) Keep Jesslyn in your prayers as well please to have an open and softened heart so that she will have the desire to be baptized when we see her this next week.

2.) What blessings do you think you've gained this week from your mission?

More love for people. Especially the people who slam the door in our face, get mad at us, or tell us that we are crazy. It just helps my testimony grow and helps me feel closer to my Savior. And also, patience! My family knows I am not a patience person, but you have to be out here! With others, but maybe even more importantly with ourselves! 

3.) Everyone ALWAYS mentions how happy you look, Sister Rogers! What do you say to that? What makes you the happiest about serving?

Mosiah 2:17 and Mosiah 2:41:)

4.) Ponderize Scripture:

"And he commanded them that there should be no contention one with another, but that they should look forward with one eye, having one faith and one baptism, having their hearts knit together in unity and in love one towards another." -Mosiah 18:21

Love others! It just makes life so much better! And more fun!:)

Love you all so much! Keep striving to come closer to your Savior each and every day! And have a STELLAR week!;)

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

A red truck I found and I DIED!:O I just got lucky seeing beautiful cars this week! (Anyone who knows me well knows that vintage, Ford trucks are my fav! Especially red and blue ones!)

Zone Conference! We decided to match!;)

Me with a beautiful VW Bug!<3 I asked the guy if I could take a picture next to it and he said yes!:)

On trade-offs with Sister Young! She came to Meridian and a member named Mallory took us out for ice cream! Love her!<3 (And yes....the sun is out....and yes....I got fried....and yes....I bought sunscreen today, Dad....) ;)

We were tired, and looking in the sun. But I love her and had to take a pic!:)


Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 19: Gander Ranter to the MAX!!!!

Hey My Dearest, Favorite, Family and Friends!<3

So if you have never heard of a "gander ranter" before you are missing out. Definition: A citizen of Michigan who talks so much they barely breathe and you can barely get a word in. And that is totally what happened to me and Sister Lau on Saturday! 4 hours of finding and door knocking and we knock into this OLD grammy who is in her underwear and talks for 30-45 mins while we just stood there listening, nodding, and occasionally getting a "yes" in! Bahahahaha! That was the longest one Sister Lau has ever seen on her mission and she goes home after this next transfer! It was so funny! The lady was sweet, but man. The Spirit told us to listen and be kind for a while, but I think she could tell we were not all there by the end of it. Haha! So she let us go! How kind of her!;)

Anyways, Meridian Ward already feels like home and like I have been here forever. Funny how each ward you are in on your mission feels like home instantly. I love it! And me and Sister Lau laugh a ton and get along great! I may or may not be a little jealous that my family is taking her out to dinner when she gets home!;) (She is super excited about that, Dad.) As long as she doesn't replace me I am good with that! I told her that! Bahahaha!;) I had a hard time with change before my mission, but now I love it! It has been so good! This emergency transfer to Okemos has been a blessing in so many ways, even though I do miss my family in East Lansing. BUT! I got to go to a baptism for our Zone Leaders which are the elders in the Lansing Ward on Saturday so I got to see everyone! It is so nice, but weird! Being so close, yet so far away! But I am having a blast, loving every moment of my mission. Taking it all in because it is just flying by! I can't even believe it is almost Mother's Day and I get to talk to my family again soon. Sometimes I feel like just yesterday I left, but then I feel like a different person so it feels like years ago at the same time! 

Anyways, now I am starting to "Gander Rant" so here are "Momma's Questions of the Week";)

1.) Update us on any investigators. Who can we pray for?

David- He really needs prayers! We put him on date for baptism this week and was so excited but has been texting us about his doubts! He really needs to "Doubt his doubts, before he doubts his faith!" as I told him! But we are meeting with him tomorrow! So I am hoping we can have a really good lesson on baptism and its importance. But please pray that he can strengthen his faith, and that his doubts will disappear! Especially because he has been so good about reading The Book of Mormon!

2.) How has it been teaching/finding with a new comp?

It has been a little difficult getting used to it! Especially because I was so used to being in a trio and used to how Sister Nelson and Sister Child taught. But we are definitely getting better with time!:)

3.) Any successes this week? What have been the challenges?

We have scheduled a ton of lessons for this week! We just need some solid, new investigators! Prayers for this area!

4.) Have you seen any funny stuff this week?

The Grammy with the panties! And some crazy stories that will be told when I get home!;) Don't need Momma worrying about me!;)

5.) Any scripture passages that have caught your eye?

My ponderize scripture for this last week was Mosiah 13:9. It is when Abinadi is talking to the evil King Noah and calling him to repentance. "But I finish my message; and then it matters not whither I go, if it so be I am saved." I love this scripture. What great faith Abinadi had! He did what the Lord asked him to and then didn't worry about the rest! He lived his life to make Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ proud of him! Little did he know that because of him, Alma was converted, and then thousands of others. We may not see the effect we have on someone's life, but that's why we have to be such good examples! Just yesterday a member of the ward, Sister Leeson (also an elderly,couple missionary who works in the office and is from Tuscon, AZ) told me she met someone at the store the other day who remembered my name. I guess I talked to him months ago walking down the street in East Lansing. I couldn't believe he remembered my name. It touched my heart and showed me how much people remember when you are kind to them and love them! And little did I know the effect on him that it had! Sister Leeson told me he was even thinking about meeting with the missionaries! So my challenge to you this week is to be a good example! Do something kind that makes you go out of your way. And if nobody sees the effects, even if you don't see the effects, who cares! Heavenly Father does and he will be proud of the daughter/son of God you are becoming!

I love you all so much! Have a STELLAR week!;)

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

The longest icicle ever! It didn't even fit in the pic! It was like double that length!

Me with that super long icicle! (Momma note: remember The Christmas Story movie?)

Me and Sister Lau with a super awesome, sweet, recent convert named Audrey who came out door knocking with us!

Creepy, statue heads we saw while door knocking on Saturday. I really don't know what's in the water here.......oh wait, lead.......ha.....sorry, bad joke.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 18: #LDSConf

Family and Friends!!!:)

"Did you know how much I love you?!" (Just like Jeffrey R. Holland said!) I am so grateful for you all! Your letters, packages, love, support, prayers! It makes me feel like I am so blessed to be alive and I can't believe how many amazing children of God Heavenly Father has blessed me to get to know, meet, and love in my life! I thank him every day for you all! And you are ALL in my prayers!<3 

Here are Momma's "Questions of the Week"!:

1.) So, tell us about your new comp, area, ward, etc. How are things going?

I LOVE Sister Lau! She is from Arizona too! She lives in Buckeye! And dad! She was born in Birmingham, England!!! She wants to know what areas you served in on your mission! So cool! Small world! She is so gorgeous, sweet, and an amazing missionary! We get along great, laugh A TON, and are like sisters! The area and ward is awesome too! I already know most of the members even though we haven't had a regular church Sunday yet because of General Conference, and they are awesome! It is so cool because I know where mostly everything is in this area because we would come to this area all the time to email at this library when I was in East Lansing! But I love this area! I am glad I am in the same stake as well! It was so cool to see some members from the Lansing Ward when we went to the stake center to watch General Conference!:)

2.) Do you like your new place?

Yes! It is cute and small! But perfect for the two of us! AND IT HAS A TREADMILL! HALLELUJAH! :D I have missed running! Not the same as running outside, but better than nothing! I will count my blessings!

3.) Even though you're still new to Okemos, any potential investigators?


David- Sister Lau and Sister Steele found him personal contacting in South Lansing a couple weeks ago! I got to teach him once this last week and the Spirit was so strong! He's such a cool guy and came to General Conference (both sessions) on Saturday! And had to take a bus in the SNOW and walk there to get to the stake center! So you all have no excuse not to watch it! If you didn't get the chance to, go back and do so! ;) 

And we also have Llyod, Karuna, and a couple others! But we haven't got the chance to meet with them lately! So pray that we can schedule and keep appointments please! And pray for David to keep feeling the Spirit! He is really open minded and looking into a lot of different religions right now! But it was so cool because he took notes like CRAZY at general conference and would say, "Yeah!" everytime he agreed with something the prophet or apostles said! It was the cutest thing ever! Hahaha!:)

4.) Now that you've gone thru a transfer, are you seeing the blessings of them?

I am actually on my 3rd transfer now, Mama! But I think you meant area! Yes! I totally am seeing why we are needed in certain places! I accomplished my work in East Lansing and now it's time to accomplish what Heavenly Father wants and needs me to here in Okemos. I learned so much from my first area, companions, and the people I got to know, teach, and love in East Lansing though. They shaped me into the missionary I am still becoming! I am so grateful for that blessing!:)

5.) What were some of your favorites from conference?

Well I hope everyone LOVED and enjoyed General Conference and felt the Spirit! I know I did! My favorite talks were Henry B. Eyring's, Gerrit W. Gong's, and Jeffrey R. Holland's! And President Monson's of course, but they were all amazing! Talk about tears! I heard EXACTLY what I needed to hear and my questions were answered! Even the questions I didn't know I had! I know these men are men of God and speak his words. I love them. I sustain them. I will follow them to show how much I love God and his servants. I hope you all got the chance to watch them, and if you didn't, that is my challenge to you! Have questions in mind and listen for your answers! I promise as a representative of Jesus Christ that Heavenly Father will answer your questions. Why? Because he loves you! "May God bless us tomorrow, to help us remember how we felt today!" I couldn't agree with Elder Holland more! Keep those words close to your heart, treasure them, and follow them, and you will be happy no matter what life throws at you! "For tomorrow, the Lord will do wonders among you."

I love you all soooo much! Have a STELLAR week!<3

P.S. "The great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying, even if we don't succeed."
Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Oh! And my new address is:

4201 Southport Circle Apt.1A
Okemos, Michigan 48864


So I get the privilege of driving this good, ole' "soccer mom" van! It's pretty fun and nice! Never thought I would say that! Don't worry, Mom! I still won't get one when I grow up!;)
(**note from momma: disclaimer... please know,I do not nor ever discriminate against mini van owners. My kids just know I don't prefer them for myself.  I tried them....don't like them.  That's it. MAY have expressed my opinions to my kids at one time or another.  They aren't supposed to TELL people though!)

So I figured out I know how to paint and I am pretty good!;) I love serving others!

Look at how cute she is!;) She likes to cook! That means Sister Rogers eats yummy food!