Monday, December 28, 2015


Family and Friends!:)

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and have a happy new year! Michigan is such a happy place! The sun doesn't shine much in the sky, but there is definitely light in people's hearts and eyes. I love it!:) It makes me not miss the sun so much! Here are Mom's questions for the week and then I will add more at the end:

1.) Are you starting to adjust to Michigan? How's the weather?

I am starting to adjust here in Antarctica! It is getting colder and icier but I am staying warm thanks to my pluthera of leggings, fuzzy socks, gloves, beanies, etc. It is suppose to start getting really icy here in the next couple days! So pray we will be safe on the road driving and out walking please!:)

2.) Are you getting to know the members and ward a little more?

YES! AND I LOVE THIS WARD! They are the best at giving us rides, inviting us to dinner, etc. Everyone is so sweet and I am finally starting to get to know a lot more names. Me and Sis. Nelson gave a talk in sacrament yesterday about hope and repentance and everyone was telling us that it helped them so much! It was crazy because I prepared and everything, but so many thoughts were running through my head before I got up. I said a prayer that I could be calm, collected, and people could feel the Spirit and that's EXACTLY what happened. Just another tender mercy I am so thankful for! Oh! And look up Jer. 17:7! One of my favorite scriptures about hope!:) I used it in my talk yesterday!

3.) How is McKenzie doing? And more discussion with her?

We have our first lesson with her tomorrow....but we are really struggling. We have so many potentials and lessons set up...but we are having car problems and all the appointments are far away! Long story short, we got given the car with barely any miles left since it is the end of the month and they don't get rebooted until the 1st of January. The struggle is real and walking gets annoying and tiring. Especially since this area is spread out. However, we are praying and having faith that Heavenly Father will help us meet with his children! Please pray that we can figure it out so we can get the work moving along!:)

4.) Have you had any opportunities of service this week?

Me and Sister Nelson got to go meet and talk to THE CUTEST ELDERY COUPLE I HAVE EVER MET! There names are Carrie and Gear Wilcox. Carrie is a less active member with dimensa and Gear is a non-member and is blind. But they literally complete each other! Carrie is Gear's eyes and Gear is Carrie's memory. Relationship goals to the max! They taught me more than I could ever teach them. The Christ-like love they had for each other and people in general was overwhelming and the Spirit was so strong. Their stories were inspiring and they are good people and have lived great lives. If the only reason I was suppose to come to Michigan was to meet them, I would be more then happy!

5.) What's been your favorite part about the work so far?

I love when we talk to people that aren't interested, but we find common ground. Those are the kind, Christ-like people who love everyone no matter how different we are. We had the greatest mini lesson with a Muslim family last night about the Book of Mormon. They were so kind and asked questions about our beliefs and then we asked them some questions about theirs. Sister Nelson always tells me, "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." It is so true! When we ask people what matters to them and what they love, it brings us together. Because we all love something or someone! Ugh! I can't even describe to you the cool people we have met that just ask questions and love us even though they aren't interested! It makes all the doors that we get slammed in our face SO worth it! 

6.) Ponderize scripture?

I was studying 1 Nephi 5 this morning and verses 18 and 19 really stood out to me. The book of Mormon is true and will go among all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people. It will never disappear. It is the word of God and we can get closer to him by studying and living by it's precepts. 

7.) Have you had any "Ah-Ha!" moments this week?

Every day. Hahaha! Every time I have a bad attitude in my head about something I get a spiritual slap in the face and something good happens. The other day was such a long day. We knocked for 5 1/2 hours and we were just exhausted. But by the end of the day, we had such amazing conversations about the gospel with people that it made it totally worth it. Heavenly Father even made it stop raining so we could be more comfortable while doing his work! Tender mercies all around and it is such a blessing to notice them! I challenge you all to write in your journal once a day with at least one tender mercy you noticed that day! As you write them, you will notice how much your Heavenly Father loves you and blesses you!:) (Got that idea from my awesome big sis!)

Anyways, Christmas was awesome for us missionaries! We had breakfast, lunch, and 2 dinner appointments with members and it was the sweetest! They take good care of us and always tell us they love having us in their home. I am so thankful that I got to come out on my mission right before Christmas. It has taught me to always rely on the Lord and through his atonement we can overcome any obstacle, challenge, or weakness we may have. I love you, he loves you, and I hope you all have a happy new year! Remember Christ in all that you do! He is truly the center of all we do and are! Love you all and I will talk to you soon!:)

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Saw my bestie, Sis. Sheppard, at our half mission Christmas party on Wednesday! One of the best Christmas presents ever!<3

We matched without even realizing it! Love my comp!:)

We got to be angels for a nativity skit at the party! So fun! :) (Other sisters in my half of the mission!)

Our whole MTC sisters' part of our district was there! Truly Christmas!<3

                   All the homies....I mean missionaries.....from AZ...UNITE!!!! (Just in our half of the mission!) Haha!:)

Breakfast at the Barncard's was SO YUMMY and SO FUN!:D

It is Sister Nelson's 20th birthday today, so I went CRAZY!;) Haha! It is harder then you think to get gifts for someone when you are with them 24-7, but it is possible!:) I made gluten and dairy free brownies too! (Dumb health problems!)

Christmas morning with the MSU 3 (University Campus) sisters that live in our apartment complex! The one on the very right is my "grandma." Haha!:)

                                                                                 We are weirdos!;)

Monday, December 21, 2015


Hey family and friends! :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS! How exciting is it that Christmas is in 5 days! It is so rainy here and it snowed the other day so it really does feel like Christmas! Ok, here are Mom's questions and then I will add anything I can think of!

1.) How was your flight and who was with you?

My flight was awesome! 10 other missionaries, including my companion and the sisters in my MTC district. Along with a ton of elders from our zone. I new them all except 2 of them! So we had a long, tired, FUN day!:)

2.) How is Michigan and what have I noticed?

People are SO NICE here! I don't know what's in the water.....but I like it! And the weather is cold and more humid, but beautiful! The wind bites though!

3.) How was your first day?

My first day was exhausting but so fun! My trainer is Sister Nelson and she is from Utah! She is SO SWEET! and I couldn't have asked for a better trainer. We had training for the large part of the day and then went door knocking and had fun! Sister Nelson said she was so impressed with me and doesn't even really feel like she is training!:)

4.) Introduce us to your Mission President, his wife, and your companion.

President and Sister Jacobsen were made for me! I just love them!:) They are so sweet, kind, and understanding! But they expect a lot out of us! Our mottos in this mission are, "We are family." and "We can do hard things." Those two lines alone made me realize this is exactly the mission I need to be at, and at this time. I love those mottos! Sister Nelson like I said earlier is the bomb and she is the best "mom" ever! I love her!

5.) What ward are you in? Have you connected with anyone yet?

I am in the Lansing ward and in the Lansing stake. I met a ton of people at church yesterday and they are all so sweet! We have crazy dinner appointments this you could say they love us!;) Don't worry....I am not getting fat.;) We have cars every other week, so you could say we walk A LOT! Or we can sometimes get members to drive us! This week we don't have a car though so it has been just a little crazy! I weighed myself yesterday and I have lost 10 pounds since I have come out on my mission! Nothing wrong with that!:) And don't worry Mom and Dad, we are fed well!

6.) Any investigators yet?

We have gotten a lot of potentials knocking which is AWESOME! One named Mackenzie and she was so interested! She is 18 and we are excited to teach her! She even said she was interested in religion! And then a couple other kind people as well!

7.) What have you learned so far?

I have learned how much the Lord blesses us in our every day lives and WE DON'T NOTICE IT! Not because we aren't grateful, but because we have other things on our mind. So watch each day for tender mercies! I notice them so much more on my mission because I am constantly looking for them! But look for them each day this week and pray because of your gratitude!:) You will feel so much more blessed and be so much more happy!

8.) Is there anyone we can pray for?

Pray for Mackenzie please that we can meet with her and her heart will be opened! Thank you!

9.) Missionary miracles?

Like I said.....EVERY DAY, ALL THE TIME! There are too many to count or even remember!

10.) A scripture to ponderize:

Luke 2! It is the week of Christ's birth! Study up on it and look for things you haven't noticed before! Also I love Matthew 2:8. Even though an evil King is talking, it has powerful truths it in! (You will get what I mean when you read it.)

11.) How has your testimony grown so far?

My testimony has grown immensely in the past 3 weeks! Around Christmas time it is hard to remember Christ in everything you do with the hustle and bustle of a holiday "to do" list. But I have learned being out on my mission how much Christ is the center of everything we do, are, and can become. He lives and he loves us. And Heavenly Father does as well. That is why he sent his son to this earth. So ultimately we can return and live with them again someday through the hope of the atonement. Don't forget what Christmas is really about! I know it is easy to get wrapped up in every day life! But take a moment and ponder on where you have seen Christ this Christmas.

Awesome questions! Thanks mom! You got most of what I was going to say! Here is my address though! I love to get letters and packages! And if you write me a letter I can get back to you more/faster!

500 W. Lake Lansing Rd. Apt. B-26
East Lansing, MI 48823

I love you all very much! Thank you for your constant love, prayers, and support! Have a very Merry Christmas! And remember to spread the love of Christ this holiday season!

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

My cute apartment! (I promise I am not getting fat, even though I look like it in this pic! HA!)

Out working hard and knocking!!!:)

Mackenzie's puppy named Phoenix! I was IN LOVE! He was meant for me!:)

My beautiful home!<3

More of the gorgeousness!:)

And snowing.....and windy....and door knocking......

Oh Christmas tree...Oh Christmas tree......

Our cute lights! (Thanks Mom!)

Our cute little tree and my presents!:) (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Monday, December 14, 2015


Family and Friends,

It is snowing today!!!:D IT MADE MY DAY! A white Christmas! I love it! We got to go to the Provo Temple one last time this morning and it was beautiful! It was cold too! Something funny that happened as we were walking back. I asked Sis.Sheppard, "Why are they throwing more snow on the ground?!" And she and the other two sisters starting busting up laughing and told me, "That's salt!" can tell I am from was hilarious though. They have seen way too many of my blonde moments already.;) I know you all miss them.

I also wanted to let you all know I AM SO HAPPY! I have never done something so hard that has made my heart want to burst because I am so happy! Me and Sis. Sheppard were teaching this investigator named, Kaylee, and she was a non-member! WE COMMITTED HER TO BAPTISM! She was so sad on our third visit that we told her we couldn't teach her anymore. She said the prayer at the end thanking God for bringing us in her life and that she wanted to remember all the things we taught her. Let's just say there were lots of tears. She even gave us a referral for one of her friends. God works in mysterious ways my friends, remember that!

Anyways, I leave on Wednesday for Michigan and I couldn't be more excited! I am going to miss my district like crazy, but we are all going to write each other. So all is well! And all us 4 sisters in my district are going to Michigan, so we will all be together luckily. I love you all so much. I know this church is true and that Christ is the center of everything we do, say, or talk about in this gospel. He loves you, I love you, and if you are ever going through a hard time wondering why he's not answering you, just take a step back and look around. You have a lot to be grateful for. That is how God is answering your prayers! Sorry today I can't write much! I want time to try and send a ton of pictures (if I can figure it out)! Love you all so much! Be safe!:) And have a very SUNNY Christmas down there in AZ!;)

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

All 8 of us are going to Michigan! We are missing 2 elders! Not sure who they are! Haha!

The cute sisters in our zone all leaving this week!:)

(I think she loves her companion, Sis. Sheppard, right?)

I am kind of LOVING this!<3 They can all tell I am from AZ! Haha!

Me by the map! Pointing to Lansing, MI!

We love Sis. Rogers!! <3

                                   Me & Sis. Sheppard with our favorite investigator, Kaylee! So sad to leave her!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 1: What Christmas Is Really About.

Family and Friends! I miss and love you guys so much you don't even know!<3

The first couple days at the MTC are SO CRAZY! I have only been here 6 days, but our district is so close that it feels like we have known each other for years! Mom typed out some questions, so I will answer those first and then try and hurry and add other stuff! I only have an hour though so if I don't get back to all of you, know I will next week!

1.) How was my first day?

My first day was SO MUCH FUN! I was a little anxious, but meeting my companion totally calmed me down! The flight was good! There were a total of about 20 missionaries on our flight to the MTC! And I sat right next to an Elder I went to high school with and he is going to my same mission! There are no such thing as coincidences though!;) I found Josh and after loosing my luggage and finding it (the Lord is amazing) we went to eat at Costa Vida and then he took me to the MTC!

2.) Tell us about your companion and district...

My companion is Sis.Sheppard and she is from Roseville, CA. We are both going to the SAME mission!!! So exciting! And we are so much alike it is creepy! Here is a list of all the things we have in common......both going to the same mission, both lactose intolerant, both love to run, both cut our long hair before our missions, both of our birthday's are in October, the list goes on......And our district is SO CLOSE! There are 4 elders and 4 sisters! The first day the Elders said that they weren't going to cry when we leave and now they are admitting it! They say they want to "distance" themselves from just so we can grow apart before we all leave.....but they are just kidding!;) They help me be happy and learn to laugh and not be so hard on myself. I love them. They are my family here. I will tell you more about our district later! 

3.) What's your schedule like?

CRAZY! It is different every day. We usually wake up anytime from 6-6:30 and then get to bed at like 10:30-11. I have never had so much energy though! The Lord is truly blessing me and Emergen-C is one of my best friends!;)

4.) How's the famous MTC food?

It is pretty good! There is a big variety and I have been eating pretty good! I have lost weight though! Our whole district has. Walking, stairs, and more walking does that to you! And working out all the time!

5.) What's your favorite thing you have learned so far?

It is pretty simple, but the gospel is too!;) Just that I don't have to be perfect to be a successful missionary and the Lord loves me so much. I can literally feel the Savior walking these hallways with me and lifting me up on hard days!

6.) Have you gotten to listen to any great speakers so far?

We watched the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional and that was amazing! And we got to watch Elder Bednar give an old, MTC devotional called "Character of Christ."  "The Lord turns out, when the natural man turns in." -Elder Bednar

7.) How are you adjusting to the weather?

It is nice and cold! and super dry! I have been using a lot of lotion! The first couple days my face was like flaking off!;) It is good now though!

8.) Do you feel like your testimony has grown since being there?

My testimony has definitely grown in these last 6 days. I know this church is true or I wouldn't be out here! Joseph Smith restored the Church. Jesus Christ died for us because he loves us so deeply that we can't even come to understand it. We have a prophet who loves us and gives us revelation from God. I know if you keep the commandments you will be blessed because I have seen so many miracles while being here. Keep pushing even when life gets hard and pray! Your Heavenly Father hears and answers your prayers! 

I have so much more I want to write branch president is amazing and I can talk to him about anything! His name is President Gines and he truly exemplifies Christlike love. I love the pictures from the showcase, Meg! I am sure you and Gabe rocked it! Send me more when you can! Ez, I have already spilled on myself and me and our district have rubber bands and every time we say a "bad" word we have to snap each other! It is so funny! My camera broke, I actually threw it away......sorry Dad! I got my sim card out though! I can't send any pictures from my camera until I get a new one because there is no where to plug my USB cord in. So I will send you some next week! I have a few from an Elder in our district though so I will send you those! It is pictures of us on our temple walk yesterday and then we got to go do an endowment session this morning! The Provo temple is beautiful and the Spirit was so strong! It was also amazing to go with my district! Go to the temple more often you guys! It will bless you so much! 

I love you guys more then you know! Sorry I can't get back to all of you today, but know I love you! But more importantly, your Heavenly Father loves you more than you can even comprehend. Be obedient. Keep the commandments and blessing will come. If not know, then later. Trust God and your Heavenly Father! They have a plan for you that will make you more happy then you could ever imagine! I am having the time of my life and this truly is the best two years (of year and a half!) for my life! Talk to you all next week!

Riley's District (minus two elders)  Sis. Sheppard is in the red next to Riley.

Riley's Zone

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mission Photoshoot! I have NEVER in my whole life had such a hard time getting pictures taken! Nothing would go right! I mean literally nothing! My photographer canceled on me last minute for the second time (after I was halfway done getting ready), my brother that is an amazing photographer was gone for the whole day, my hair didn't want to function right, the Gilbert Temple grounds were CRAZY busy with weddings, baptisms, and other mission photoshoots, the list could go on. But I thank my Heavenly Father for an AMAZING, big sissy would stepped up to the plate and gave up her whole Saturday to take my mission pictures! And can I say how wonderful she did! Especially since she was using my brother's camera that she had never used a day in her life! And according to my brother it was on all the hardest settings and manual mode (for those of you who don't take pictures this just means it was even harder.) But she did it and I am so grateful! My big sis definitely saved the day! Thank heaven for sisters! Love you Ezra!<3

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Adjusting...Well...for the most part!

     I never realized how much I would miss going to school with my siblings! Can you believe Meagan is a senior?! My little baby sister! All grown up! And Noah a freshman?! I can't believe by the time I get home he will be dating and driving! I am not sure which one scares me, he is almost taller than me as it is! I will be looking up at a giant when I return home! And then of course, Gabe & little munchkins....getting smarter and bigger every day. (Well except Gabe.....let's hope he hits a growth spirt soon!) And then my big sis, Ezra! Who works hard and is a great example to me of patience! No, but really....I am going to miss my siblings and parents like crazy on my mission and I am already getting used to the change just having them go back to school without me. I mean, don't get me wrong....being graduated is GREAT! But I feel like that is the issue when some missionaries go out....they get overwhelmed because after they graduate high school they are just lazy coach potatoes until they leave!

     I have read so many articles, blogs, emails of friends/family on missions, etc. lately explaining how strainious and absolutely exhausting missions are on your body. And I have made a commitment to myself and my Heavenly Father that I will physically and spiritually prepare to the best of my ability these last 4 months (less than that now), before I leave for the field. I WILL NOT be a coach potato graduate who then just gets out into the mission field and DIES the first couple weeks because of physical and spiritual exhaustion. I feel the more we take care of ourselves, the more the Lord will bless us to be more in tune with the Spirit. Therefore, we will be better prepared for leaving and serving him and his children! are some tips that I have come to love and cherish while getting ready for my mission! Whether you choose to take heed is your choice, but I promise they will make a huge difference! I am already being blessed and feeling the effects!:)


       Yes! Daily! No, not just Monday-Friday! Saturday and Sunday count too! Not only will this get your body used to waking up early on your mission, but why waste a beautiful day sleeping! Heavenly Father gave us daytime and sunlight for a reason! So use it!


      Yep. The unspeakable word to most people. (Luckily, I love to do it.) But exercise! For at least a half hour right after you wake up! This will make the transition into mission life so much easier! I know because I have asked friends/family that are on missions. Your body will get stronger, healthier, less stressed, and you will even feel happier!:) And who doesn't want all of that?! I workout Monday-Saturday morning after I wake up and the difference it makes is HUGE! It is preparing me to be strong physically in the field and I am showing Heavenly Father I care about the body he has given me! On a mission you exercise for a half hour right after you wake up, so why not start now? Believe me....your body will give you a BIG thank you later!;)


      Not only do we need to exercise to take care of our bodies, but we need to eat right too! You are going to be out on your own for a year and a half girls (two for boys)! No mommy or daddy to tell you to eat your fruits and veggies! Take initiative now and start watching what you eat! Make your plate colorful, drink TONS of water (at least 8 cups a day+more since we live in AZ), portion yourself, and love your body! You really are what you eat!


      You are going out to teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ! What a beautiful thing! But you need to know it! And know it well enough to teach it to someone who may not even have a religious background. Reading and studying the Book of Mormon daily, along with the other standard works and Preach my Gospel, will prepare you so much spiritually. I have a strong testimony of that! This is probably one of the most important things to do while preparing for a mission! Being spiritually prepared to go serve the Lord is more important than you think! And you can never learn enough about the gospel!:)


      Honestly, they are going to be the ones constantly in your prayers and on your mind. And that is good! But homesickness goes away as we serve and also as we spend quality time with them before the mission! Love them, serve them, and have fun with them! It will make going away a little easier because you know you gave them the attention and love they deserve before you went away!:)


      The worst thing ever would be to go out in the mission field and get a companion who is so unorganized she can't even find her badge! So don't be that missionary! Work on staying organized and tidy (that includes your room) before you leave so it will be second nature when you are out in the field! Your companion will love you for it....well, most of them!

So there's my shindig and tips that I work hard at to help me get ready for my mission! Of course there are so many more, but these are just some of my main ones! I hope this is of help to any future Elders or Sisters out there! Good luck adjusting!!!:) My heart goes out to you!

Sunday, August 9, 2015


     After four of the longest weeks of my life, I FINALLY received my mission call Monday afternoon! There are no words to describe your emotions during that time. Literally. Here is a journal entry I felt the need to share regarding what I was feeling Monday night before I opened my call:

     "Wow. There are so many emotions running through me I can't even put them into words. I received my mission call today after the four longest weeks of my life! And I can't believe this time tomorrow night I will know where I'm going to be serving the Lord for 18 months. It's so surreal. Each step has been like a dream...deciding to serve, filling out my mission papers, turning them in...I thought maybe when I finally received my call it would hit me that I'm going to be a sister missionary, but I quickly came to the realization that I don't think it ever will. And I think that's because I have always been and always will be a sister missionary, with or without the badge. Being able to share the gospel with friends, Ezra's story, and all the trials in my life have led me up to this. That is why this whole thing isn't hitting me. It's been a part of Riley all along. And I can't wait to see where it takes me!"

Lansing, Michigan....I am coming for ya! December 2nd....I can't wait!!!:)

(The anticipation was KILLING me!)

(Hey.....listen up!)

(Breathe Riley, breathe.....)



(Just a tad bit excited!!!)

(Love me some momma!)

(One of my best friends and greatest examples...LOVE my big sissy!<3)

(My other best friend and greatest example...LOVE my lil' sis!<3)

(The 3 Amigos....even when apart we are still in each other's hearts!<3)