Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 79: Gotta Use the Side Door

Hey Family and Friends!:D

Lucky you! You get to hear from me after only a couple days! Haha!:) From Thursday until now has been crazy busy and really good! We have been super blessed the last couple of days!
Scott's doing awesome and still going strong! :) We read 2 Nephi 31 with him the other day and he got choked up as he read about baptism! It was the sweetest thing! He even texted us on Saturday and asked us if it was fast Sunday (because we were scrubs and forgot to tell him). Haha. He also asked us at church where the fast offering slips were and he isn't even baptized yet! It's so cool! Please keep praying that he can withstand Satan's temptations and that his boss will let him have all of Sundays off quickly! We want to help him hurry and get the priesthood after he is baptized, but he has only come to priesthood once, so we have to get him there more than that!

The Le Family is doing great! We taught them with Sister Ashby (the Primary President) and the lesson went awesome! We even gave them a church tour with the Ashby family to help them feel more comfortable AND THEY CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! It was so cute! They sat by the Ashby family and the ward was so great at welcoming them! The Wyoming Ward has definitely learned the difference from just being a "fellowshipper" at church and really being a "shepherd" and leading and guiding Heavenly Father's children back home to him. I love that about this ward. Derek is 5 and Alyssa is 9 and they both loved Primary! Alex (the dad) even seemed to enjoy all of church! He was smiling and laughing by the end of it! He told us he wants to come just to support his family, but I think he is liking the gospel more than he lets on! Jenni (the mom) seemed super comfortable and had a good time as well! I got up in church to bear my testimony for the last time in this ward and the Le's were so sad that I only have a couple weeks left! They go out of town soon, so we are going to try and teach them one more time before I go home! Pray that they will keep coming to church and meeting with the missionaries though! And even that Alex will have a softened heart to want to join the church with his wife and kids. I just love them!<3

Miguel came to church! SO WE HAD 6 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH! IT WAS AWESOME!:D We kind of had to drop Miguel though! He loved fast and testimony meeting, but he is just so hooked on his church! It is hard to convert him to the true gospel when he links the gospel to his church since that is where he went to change his life. It is hard, but he has an awesome, passionate testimony of Jesus Christ that made me want to come even closer to Christ. I am grateful for all that he taught me.

We went to the Holland sisters baptism this weekend and that was fun! Oh! And we taught these two drunk brothers named Alex and Eric the other day! It took all of our self-control to not just start busting up laughing in that lesson! They were bickering with each other and I just felt to ask them, "Are you both drunk?" And then they said they were and added some colorful language in there, so we said it would be better if we came back when they were sober and they thought the same thing! Haha!

We got in contact with Katherine again! It was a miracle! She shined us our first lesson and we went back yesterday to knock on her door with no luck! She didn't answer! So we were writing her a note and going to stick it on her side door (because everyone in Michigan uses their side doors more than their front doors) and that door ended up being opened! So we knocked louder and she ended up being home! She just didn't hear us knock the first couple times! We went in and had a really good lesson with her! She has been really overwhelmed and told us she hasn't been feeling like a good mom and her house is a mess (which it really wasn't). So we shared a Mormon Message with her about how she is a good enough mom! We are going to go help her tidy up a bit and teach her another lesson on Tuesday! It was so cool too because she said, "I read the introduction to The Book of Mormon and I was going to ask my pastor about it! But then I thought to myself, I don't need to ask him, I can just ask God!" It was literally one of the coolest, smartest things I have ever heard anyone say on my mission! Haha! We tell people that all the time, but the fact that she came to that conclusion on her own was awesome!:D

We taught a new investigator named Jayme yesterday. She has 2 little boys and her husband wasn't home, so it made for a crazy lesson! But we had a cute, young couple that just moved in our ward come and it turned out pretty good! Jayme really wants to start teaching her boys about Jesus Christ! So that is cool!

We got invited to a dinner appointment last night and the members' invited a less active, but when the members went to go pick her up for dinner, she was a no show. So we told them we would go right after dinner and we ended up meeting with her! She didn't answer her front door, so AGAIN we used the side door and she answered! She didn't want to let us in at first, but then she said she would go put her wig on and then let us in! Haha! (Only in Grand Rapids....) We ended up having a really good lesson with her and she wants to get to the temple! Her husband just left her and her daughter tells her she isn't Christian being a Mormon, so she has been through a lot of trials! But, she let us in even though she told us her daughter told her not to open the door for us! She is a strong woman and we are excited to help get her back to the temple! She has even come to church quite a few times! And we figured out she was ready for dinner earlier. She had looked out the window and held up her finger to tell the member she would be out in a minute, but the member didn't see her and drove away! So we were able to clear up some mixed feelings on that! It was cool!:)

So lessons learned of the week.....use the side door, be a shepherd and not just a fellowshipper, and keep smilin'! I love you all and hope you have a stellar week! 

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

This is the only pic I have for this week! Funny story: This was at zone conference and they made me stay sitting in a chair because I am the "old grandma in the mission"! Good grief! Haha!:) Love these girls! (Some from the Grand Rapids and some for the Kalamazoo Zones)

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