Monday, June 12, 2017

Week....."almost done" (as Mom called it): Not Good-Bye! Just See You Later!

Hey Family and Friends!<3

SO THIS IS MY 2ND TO LAST EMAIL AND IT IS KIND OF SURREAL! I am so blessed and grateful though! I couldn't have asked for a better last transfer in the Michigan Lansing Mission in the Grand Rapids Zone in the Wyoming Area (literally the greatest mission, zone, and area in the world-just in case you didn't know)!!!:D

-This last Monday was zone P-day and we got to go to Lake Michigan!!!🏖 IT WAS SO FUN! We played games for hours⚽⚾🏈, I got sunburnt☀🌡 (even though I put on sunscreen-well....a little sunscreen...oppss...), and I even got pied in the face by Elder Rencher!!!......So that story starts by we had a zone goal and whichever district won the zone goal got to pie the AP's (Elder Medina and Elder Cornelison) as well as the Zone Leaders (Elder Blair and Brienholt) in the face. Well....the Spanish elders won and there are 5 elders in that district because one of them is a trio. So......Sister Osmond volunteered and I was TOTALLY ok with that! I was fine being the one without chocolate pudding and whipped cream in my face and hair! Haha! Well...after everyone got pied, one of the Spanish Elders had extra pie left over and Elder Cornelison made the comment that I hadn't gotten pied and that wasn't fair. So guess what?! I totally got pied! I figured out that chocolate pudding and whipped cream is a really good hair conditioner though!;) I was glad I got to join in on the fun! Even though I totally had to go to a dinner appointment after that with leftover pie in my hair that I couldn't wash out at the beach! Haha! Luckily, the members totally understood!;)

-We got to do service for this family with the last name, "Rodgers", this week! We door knocked into a house they were trying to remodel for their 23 year old daughter, Grace. Grace didn't even tell me that "Rodgers" was her last name when we door knocked into them and we didn't meet anyone but her that first time. However, her dad totally knew who we were when we knocked on the door and came back to help and said he remembers Grace told him that one of us was named, "Sister Rogers." It was a cool service opportunity. They asked us a lot of questions about the gospel and we got to help fix up a house.🏡

-We also got to do service for our good friend, Kathy, at her food and clothing pantry! And man! She was happy when we brought in a ton of clothes that we were getting rid of! She was even sad to hear that I was going and we have only done service for her 2 times! That was pretty cool! Cool to see that even doing service for someone 2 times can really leave an impact on them about us and the church.

-We picked up 2, almost 3, investigators this week. Sarah, Mechele, and Betty. Sarah was the wife of a man we door knocked into and when we went back to teach him, he wasn't there, but Sarah let us teach her! She was really sweet! They have 3 kids and are super humble and seemed to be pretty open. Mechele is a 23 year old, cute, black girl who we just adore! We feel like she is our sister! She told us she got a good feeling after we met her outside while she was by her car and that she felt like God's hand was in it. She is awesome! We also met Betty. The first person we door knocked into on a street that day and we had an awesome lesson, put her on date, and everything! But....she texted us and dropped us. We think she got anti-d. It was sad. But all is well here in Zion! We have a lot to be grateful for!❤

-I had my last trade-off with Sister Pope (from Big Rapids) and had my last district meeting from Elder Christensen. Those were bitter-sweet. I have loved being a missionary and serving the missionaries in the Grand Rapids Zone.

-Scott had his interview and according to Elder Christensen, HE PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!<3 🌈 We are so pumped for him! AND YOUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING BECAUSE HIS WIFE IS COMING TO HIS BAPTISM AND WE HAVE NEVER MET HER BEFORE! Such a cool miracle! Please keep praying for him to avoid temptation and that his wife and boss' hearts will be softened.<3

-We had a surprise, #2 MLC (since it was President and Sister Jacobsen's last one) and they took all the mission leadership to the Detroit Temple as a surprise. It was so fun! We even got to go spend the night in my mission home-town (East Lansing) for the night with the MSU sisters and some other sisters since we had to get up so early in the morning. It was so fun to be at the temple and feel that spirit and peace.:) And now I get to go again next week before I go home. Lucky me.:)<3

-We went to another doctor's appointment for Sister Osmond and Dr.Vickers has been fixing her feet and she is doing a lot better! And getting new shoes! Yay! Because we lose the car tonight....:/

-Me and Sister Osmond got to do service for this Grandville Summer Kick-off Festival that they do for families here in our cute town. We got to run booths that were next to each other and it was pretty much a carnival! It was a good way to get the church's name out there! There is no better feeling and sight than when you see people pointing at your name tag and whispering to each other! Bahahahaha!

-We got to go to East Lansing a second time this week because Sister Osmond went to the temple with a recent convert and I got to go personal contact on MSU Campus and I loved life! It was the best! East Lansing and the Grand Rapids Areas have my heart! I even met someone on campus from Grand Rapids and we got to give her as a referral to the Grand Rapids sisters, so that was awesome!!!

P.S. Sister Mathis, I met a black lady named Chevy this week and thought of you!😂

Funny story of the week: When you are joking and yell "Quiete!" (spelled somthing like that) to your Spanish Ward mission leaders, companion, and 4 elders in your ward while the Spanish Branch is having their sacrament meeting. I thought it meant, "Be quiet." but apparently it means, "Shut up." Blonde moment, Sister Rogers. What a good example you are. Opppsss.....bahahaha!

Fun Fact I learned this week: 1 day for Heavenly Father=1000 years for us (Time really does fly for him!)
I love you all! I love this gospel! I love Michigan and I will talk to you all on Saturday (my last P-day of the mission)! Keep the faith and have a stellar week!😁😀

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

The whole gang. The MLC in the MLM at the Detroit temple.<3

Surprise, MLC Trip #2 to the Detroit Temple<3

We have had a little bit too much fun as the zone leaders and sister training leaders in the Grand Rapids Zone!:D

Some of our MTC gang that was all together at the Jacobsen's Farewell this morning! Elder Gibby gave us lea's from Hawaii since we are going home soon!!! So sweet!

3/4 sisters that go home in our group this transfer! And they are in the G-Rap Zone!;D

Me after getting pied in the face! Bahahahaha! Some of it is wiped off! Thanks, Elder Rencher! (Video coming soon!)

I promise we all got pied! Sister Osmond had just wiped it off by the time this picture was taken! Haha!

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