Thursday, June 1, 2017

Week 78: I am running out of ideas for these....

Hey Family and Friends!:D<3

It has been a BUSY last week and a half (as you can tell because I haven't sent an email in forever)! Here's some of the craziness of our lives lately:

-We taught this guy named Chet a couple weeks ago and TOTALLY de-bunked all of his anti-Mormon literature. It was awesome! He said, "Wow! You guys punched holes in all of these!" It was so cool to see that we were literally able to "confound men" as we had the spirit to be with us!

-We taught this guy named Josh we found while personal contacting in our apartment complex! He remembered learning from elder missionaries in Honduras when he was 14 and he is now 24! We got to refer him to the Spanish elders and we are wishing them the best! He was so cool and really searching for truth! Plus, he was so humble! So that's always a good sign!:D

-We saw Dan and Dawn Krieger for the first time last Monday after it being a couple weeks (the random family we door knocked into that fed us Easter Sunday)! They fed us dinner again and then we got to teach them the restoration after dinner without even telling them! They just kept asking us a ton of questions and we testified that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Dawn wasn't really interested, but Dan took a Book of Mormon! It was so cool! He wants to read it! I even testified that I felt like I knew them before this life because I love them so much and feel so close to them! It doesn't even matter that they aren't our investigators, or if I have only been over there 3 times! They are family! And they even want me to come back and stay with them when I visit Michigan! Haha!:)

-We taught one of our new investigators named Miguel! (I have met and taught a lot of Miguel's here in Grandville. Haha!) He was super nervous to come to church, but he came on Sunday! He only came to first hour because he wanted to go to his church after, so we are still working on that, but he is super awesome and humble! He is willing to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! So that is always a good sign!

-We personal contacted into this guy the other day WHO SOLD US SUCCULENTS IN MICHIGAN! Me and Sister Osmond bought some and they are the cutest, little things ever! (A.K.A. Sister Osmond bought us some because I am a poor missionary and have no money.) We were literally more excited to get plants from AZ then when we got flowers from MI on Mothers' Day. It was hilarious!) The guy's name was Michael and he said, "You try and come sell me Jesus and I end up selling you succulents!" Haha! He took a Book of Mormon though, so that was cool!

-We taught this super sweet lady in her 60's named Mary, but we just couldn't teach her because her family that she lived with wasn't supportive of it. It was sad, but cool to see we helped someone prepare for the celestial kingdom someday.<3

-We had trade-offs with the Grand Rapids Sisters and Ludington Sisters! I got to be with Sister Burnhardt and Sister Murphy! They are so fun! I love, love, love being an STL! I learn so much from them!<3

-We had my last zone conference and I had to give a TRAINING AND GIVE A DEPARTING TESTIMONY! But I didn't even cry! I was so impressed! (That is hard to believe if you know me! Haha!) They went great, but I am sure glad they are over!

-We did an eagle project and got to get our hands dirty helping Bishop's son, Dallin, put together tables for refugees. It was fun, but apparently there are some crazy pictures of me from that on the internet. Sorry, peeps......just don't look too long or I might make you blind.


-We were praying last week to find a new investigator because we literally didn't have time all day to door knock because we were so busy! And GUESS WHAT?! As we were walking to the library (so I could work on my training for zone conference), this lady named Katherine literally walked up to us, introduced herself, and let us teach her about the Book of Mormon! So cool to see when we ask Heavenly Father specific questions, he gives us specific answers! And he gives us easy missionary opportunities! I challenge you all to pray for opportunities to share the gospel in your day-to-day life and have the courage to testify of what you know to be true!

-We also met this older lady named Elizabeth who used to meet with the sisters and they also used to do service for her. It was so cool because we got to give her some love! It was so sad! She has no family, lives by herself, has no friends, and said she has a super big void in her life and started crying. We testified that Heavenly Father knows and is aware of her and that is why he sent us sisters back to her! She was crying even more by then and just told us how grateful she was. She said she wasn't interested in becoming a Mormon, but was so grateful for our friendship. It was so cool! Me and Sister Osmond left that appointment and said we would never complain about being lonely EVER again. You never know how good you have it until you have experiences like that. Elizabeth truly changed me that day.

-Scott is doing AWESOME! We had the most spiritual dinner appointment Monday night! Literally the coolest dinner appointment of my entire mission! He came to dinner at a members' and it was so cool! The members were both returned missionaries and they all shared their conversion story and how they came to know that the Book of Mormon was true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. And the members even invited other members over who were converts and could totally relate to Scott. One of the members even had a drinking and smoking problem that he had to give up before joining the church! They are coming with us tomorrow afternoon to teach Scott! At the dinner appointment, Scott even shared that he didn't even want to meet with us when we first knocked on his door. He just feel asleep on the couch from his 3rd shift job and he had to leave in a couple hours for his other job. He said he told us yes, just to get us off of his door step and if it weren't for the spirit telling him, "Get up and get ready. You told the sisters you were going to meet them at the library in a half hour and you need to go.", he wouldn't have even gone. He said he is so grateful because it literally helped him at such an emotional time of his life. It was so cool to see! And I am so grateful for my persistent companion, Sister Mathis, at the time who always gives people multiple times to say yes to the gospel! If she wasn't so persistent on the door step, we wouldn't have Scott! LOVE YOU, SISTER MATHIS! OH! And Scott got to come to all 3 hours of church on Sunday (because he had work off due to Memorial Day)! He loved it! He was like a kid at Christmas! Continue to pray that his boss will be able to hurry and give him all of Sunday's off, that he can stop smoking and drinking by Saturday, and that he will continue to feel of the Spirit. We are still working towards June 17th! He keeps announcing his baptism and it's the coolest!:D

I love you all! I am running out of time! But I get to talk to you all again on Monday! Have a stellar week and keep the faith! Remember Christ is always there whether you see it or not!

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Our succulents! <3

Got to see a ton of old comps at my last zone conference! Love these girls! (Sister Child is missing in this picture though! She had already left!)

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