Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 30: Good Things & Lovely Receptions! :D

Hey Family and Friends! :D

I hope you all had a stellar week! I know I did! Me and Sister Trent have a blast together! We had some crazy good lessons this last week and worked really hard. We are praying for a baptism because our investigators are really up and down right now so that is rough. Ron's last lesson was really good. President and Sister Jacobsen came because our members canceled on us last minute. So that was a blast! I love them! And I am so glad they live so close! We put Ron on date for August 6th, but then he wasn't at church on Sunday so that made us a little nervous. But we think it's just because our ward mission leader is out of town and he didn't want to go without his new, best bud! Haha! But we meet with him twice this week and Brother Robison should be back in town so that's good!:)

Lisa hasn't been making it to church either because of all her health things. But she keeps all our other commitments and we meet with her twice this week so we are just continuing to help her get through some rough patches. She's such a sweet woman.:) Keep her in your prayers 

We picked up a new investigator named Paul this last week and he is solid! He is so nice and awesome and he is going through a really hard family situation right now. We found him as he was pulling his "transformer" out of his car and we asked him if we could help him. He said, "No. You missed all the dirty work!" Haha! We meet with him twice this week and he said he is willing to get baptized if he comes to know these things are true! So cool! The only struggle is getting him to church because he goes out of town every Sunday to see his kids. Dang. What is with it and church lately? Haha. The struggle is real.

We also picked up a new investigator yesterday named Jing! She is from China and has the cutest, little, 5 year old son named Leo. She even asked us, "What do I have to do to join your church?" She is so sweet! We got to give her an English and Chinese Book of Mormon (she wanted both so that her English can get better.) And we meet with her again this week. The only struggle is she's going on vacation for a month. So that kind of stinks!:P

But the work is really progressing here in Meridian! I think all we needed was a little Sister Trent magic! She is awesome!;) I really love this work and love my mission. It is changing me. God is changing me. And I couldn't be more grateful. Hope you all have a stellar week!:)

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

This is the only picture I have for the week! Sorry! I need to get better at taking pictures! We helped the George's set up for their 2nd wedding reception. One was in Washington, and then one here! For both of their families! I just love them! Oh! and we made those signs by the way!;)

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