Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 28: Everything Under the Sun:)

Hey Family and Friends!:)

I hope you all had a STELLAR week! I know I sure did! I unfortunately had to say bye to my long time mother, Sister Nelson, and my awesome companion, Sister Lau, this last week! That was bitter-sweet! But I didn't cry! So mission accomplished! I think it is awesome how Heavenly Father gives us peace in change as we know what we are doing is his will for us. And ultimately, in the long run, his plan is even better and will make us happier than we could ever do by ourselves.<3 :)

Here are "Momma's Questions of the Week":

1.) Tell us about your new comp:

SISTER TRENT! I ADORE HER!<3 She is seriously the sweetest person I have ever met! So happy, so bubbly! She kind of reminds me of Meagan! And man! Did I need a Meagan in my life right now!;) She is from Iowa. But she has literally lived EVERYWHERE! Utah, Belize, Maine, England (in Brighton, daddy!), Nebraska, Florida, Wyoming, Nevada, and now Iowa! She is a hard worker and the cutest! We get along great! And we are killing it in our missionary work!

2.) Update us on your AWESOME investigators: our two SOLID investigators right now are David and Lisa!

David: We are helping him stop smoking by doing the "Stop Smoking Workshop" which guarantees he will quit smoking in a week if he follows it step by step! He is all for it! We are stoked! We are starting him on it tomorrow! And we did family history with him this week at the Family History Center at the stake center! MY MISSION HAS MADE ME ADORE FAMILY HISTORY! I can't wait to do it when I get home! David even told us he heard from his aunt that his dad was baptized Mormon, so he's doing some more research to figure that out!:)

Lisa: She is a referral we got from Salt Lake City right before Sister Lau.....I mean weird....went home! She referred herself and wanted to know what it takes to serve a mission in Ghana, Africa. Bahahahaha! We are teaching her and put her on date for July 16th! She is solid! She is just having a hard time coming to church because it is so early and she has health issues that make it hard to wake up early! But we are working with her! She stopped smoking after reading the Book of Mormon. We went to her place for a lesson, but she totally forgot, so we rescheduled and right before we left she said, "Oh! I read that pamphlet! I quit smoking! And I didn't know drinking coffee was a sin!" Bahahahaha! She is stellar! Pray for her health to improve so she can get to church!

And we have been picking up a lot of new people! More deets soon!;)

3.) What blessings are you personally feeling from your mission so far?

Health and Strength. Having chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression makes a mission tough sometimes. But I have never had more strength and energy in my life. That is a HUGE blessing.

My testimony. It is growing. If I am not changing other peoples' lives, they are definitely changing mine.

4.) What strengths have you gained from your companions and the people you're teaching?

SO MANY! I have had 6 companions so far in only 6 months of my mission. So much has happened in so little time. But overall...I have learned that you can love ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY no matter what. We are all brothers and sisters. Let's help each other get back to our Father.

5.)  If you had a "theme" to your week, what would it have been?

Everything under the sun. BAHAHAHAHA! So much happened. And it has been really sunny!;)

6.) Ponderize Scripture for us?

Alma 34: 41 There is always hope through the atonement of Jesus Christ. We can do all things with his help and direction!<3

Oh! And last thing! We got to meet Elder Dunnigan of the area of the seventy yesterday and he is AWESOME! He went around shaking everyone's hands in ward council and asked us missionaries how the work is going! He said some things that I LOVED as well!

-"Testimonies are to be found in the bearing of it."
-"The standard is not perfection....the standard is following towards the tree of life."
-"The Lord is concerned of the faith we arrive, rather than the hour we get there."


Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Goodbye ol' fam! I miss you!<3 #straightouttalansing #bestdistrict

And I just LOVE this pic! Just laughing! It was totally an accident picture, too!:)

Me and my sister saying bye to our momma!;(

When I said bye to my mom!;( Don't we look alike?;) Really though......


FAMILY! GUESS WHERE I ATE?! A member took us to Fazoli's! There's one in our area and I about died! I had been waiting to go there for 9 weeks and they surprised us! My childhood.....ahhhhh....memories......<3

Saw this above a doorstep and screamed and almost peed my pants! And Sister Trent was dying laughing! What the heck, Michiganders?

I ate a chicken foot. Disgusting. Don't listen to Elders when they tell you random, Chinese buffets are good. It's all lies. And a waste of $15.:P #sicknasty

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