Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 29: Hotter than Hades!!!

Hey Family and Friends!<3:)

For those of you down there in Arizona.....I hope you haven't gotten toasted yet! It has been so hot here this past weekend! And humid! It got to 95 yesterday and with humidity that is not fun! Always sticky...and I never knew your knee caps could sweat! I was flipping out! Haha! The humidity is at 75% today! Gross! The only reason I can complain is even though it isn't 120.....it is humid! And man! I was made for dry heat! Hahaha!:)

This week was STELLAR! Like always! We have a new investigator named Ron and he is solid! WE found him door knocking and here's the crazy story. So me and Sister Trent were determined to get our 15 hours of finding in for the week and so at 8:30 on Saturday night I had a feeling we should go door knock this certain street, and then we were about to leave and Sister Trent said "Let's do this last house." (Which is weird because we usually just finish one side of the street and don't start the other so we remember what we do.) But anyways, we door knocked this one house on the other side of the street! It was the LAST house of the night and week! And there is where we found Ron! Comp unity and listening to the Spirit at its finest!:D

Ron is single and has had good experiences with missionaries in the past! We taught him at our ward mission leader's home and they hit it off great! They both are the same age, have the same personality, have connections with MSU, etc. And craziest thing is he said he wanted a good organization to belong to because eventually he wants to retire to Quito, Ecuador. And our ward mission leader flipped out because he was one of the FIRST four missionaries to serve his mission in Quito, Ecuador! MIRACLE! THAT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN! We are totally putting Ron on date for baptism this week! It is an awesome story and he is a STELLAR man!

Lisa is still on date and keeping all her commitments except for coming to church. She has a hard time waking up in the mornings because she has insomnia and our church is at 9. Please pray for her! But she is so stellar! She just stopped smoking cold turkey and gave us her coffee to get rid of after we taught her the Word of Wisdom. In the dumpster it went! But shhhhh! She thinks we "gave it away". Haha! She just didn't want the money wasted. But we thought that was an ok to lie about....jk......missionaries don't lie.;)

Me and Sister Trent went on a road trip with President and Sister Jacobsen on Saturday! We got to go to Big Rapids because one of Sister Trent's investigators got baptized! It was so fun! President loves to tease and make fun so it was an adventure! 2 hours to get there! So 4 hours in the car with Pres! Haha! I am so glad I have gotten to be in his ward and be so close with the two of them! I just love them and know for a fact that they were suppose to be my leaders here in Michigan! 

Other cool miracle of the week! Me and Sister Trent tried this thing while finding that we heard about! We prayed to have a specific person or description to come to our mind that we could talk to while door knocking. So when we finished praying I said I got a grandma and Sister Trent got the word Jim. So we went to the street we had planned and I had a feeling we should go back to our apartments and door knock. Which is weird because they have been door knocked 50 kajillion times. But we went back and there was a grandma sitting in her walker literally right in front of our apartment door! And she kept telling us about her son, Jaydan, and we flipped! It was a J! Not Jim, but there was no way that was a coincidence! I don't believe in them! Such a cool experience! We had great faith that day!:) And every day of course!

Anyways, I love you all and hope you have a stellar week! Stay cool and remember "by small and simple things, are great things brought to pass!"

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

An ice cream run that required LOTS of dairy pills. But we got to take a 3 hour nap after so I slept it off! Haha! #lovePdays #qualitydairyicecreamtho

Throwing away Lisa's coffee!:D

This is Lily. She followed us around while we were door knocking and we were trying to call her owner. Luckily the neighbors knew where she lived!:) So cute!

The baptism we got to go to in Big Rapids! They insisted that I needed to be in the picture too even though I wasn't one of Ruth Ann's missionaries! The Big Rapids branch is so sweet!:)

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