Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 26: When it Rains, it Pours! (And I am meaning sweat and trials...not literal rain! Haha!)

Hey Family and Friends!<3

Holy cow! It has been like a sauna here lately! I am used to baking in an oven! Not constantly sweating when it's not even that hot outside! Ridiculous! Haha! I would way rather it be hot and humid then freezing cold though! That's the AZ blood in me! Haha!

This week is crazy! It is the last week of the transfer and everybody is leaving me! Including my companion, Sister Lau, and my trainer, Sister Nelson, who is most likely getting transferred! Plus, I got permission to go see Virginie one last time in East Lansing before she leaves for France.:( I am going to be a mess this whole week and weekend! I have already cried multiple times!

But all is well because I am still REALLY HAPPY! :D Because Heavenly Father knows what he's doing and the work is progressing here! I am so excited! Me and Sister Lau sung at church on Sunday and everyone LOVED it! (Or at least kept saying they did....haha) It made us feel pretty good! We even had 3 investigators at church and a less active! Exciting!:)

I get to go this Saturday to the Truscott's baptism in Lansing!!!!:D (Remember them?!) They are the part member family that me and Sister Nelson door knocked into when I was serving in Lansing. Joe (the dad) and Ella and Ethan (the kids) are getting baptized this weekend and I am so excited to see them again! A baptism is a baptism on your mission, it doesn't matter if you are their current missionaries or not. They had an impact on my life and I love them! I can't wait to see them!

And crazy change in the mission! The last week of every transfer we have 2 P-days! Monday and Saturday! So I get to email Saturday again! But then we don't get a P-day the first week of every transfer. There were some issues going on with not getting everything done (laundry, emailing, shopping, etc.) on P-days that were transfer days so they made some changes! Just to let you all know because my emails have been so whack lately. 

But anyways, it has been a really good week! I hope you all have a stellar week and stay happy! And cool in that AZ heat! :) I will talk to you all again on Saturday!

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

The Bate's! Love them! Brother Bates is from England and Sister Bates is the relief society president! We took a pic with them last night after they fed us a yummy, huge Memorial Day dinner!;)

One of my favoritest kiddos ever! Elijiah Hopkins! Constantly telling me I am his favorite sister missionary! I have known him since I have been out on my mission and he has been lucky enough to get me in the Lansing and Meridian ward! (He is in both of them because both his parents and their families are!) Love him! He just really wanted me to take a picture of his art! He wanted to give it to me! But I told him a picture would be better!:)

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