Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week 31: Flus, Fireworks, and Family!!!


I hope you all had a stellar fourth of July! I turned 7 months on Saturday!!!! CRAZY! AHHH! And to celebrate me and my wonderful companion got to spend 48 straight hours in our apartment due to me getting the flu. Man. There is nothing worse than the flu, being stuck in your apartment, and being a missionary at the same time. You literally go stir crazy! Hahahaha! I think we watched every church movie known to man. And then some. Haha! But luckily we have a great ward and awesome elders in our ward. We got a lot of texts, calls, and food.:) Haha! Love Meridian ward!

But Heavenly Father blessed me and I got better just in time for a STELLAR fourth of July! :) I got to go out to lunch with my district fam at Chili's, went and played a ton of games, hung out with some members, went to Bishop's house for dinner, and then got to go to the mission home! President and Sister Jacobsen invited the 2 districts here in the area to go! So there was 18 missionaries altogether! 10 elders and 8 sisters! IT WAS A BLAST! We had a BBQ, played games, watched fireworks (and you would never guess my mission president is 71, the oldest mission president in the world....he runs like he's in his 20's.....bahahaha!), and just seriously loved my mission and mission family even more. I feel like I have been a missionary forever. I never want it to end. <3

I love serving the Lord and my Heavenly Father and feeling closer to them. Each and every day I see their hand in mine and so many other people's lives! It shows me how much he loves me and all my siblings. I am so grateful for the atonement that my older brother sacrificed for me. He has made my life worth living. And I hope you all can continue to do the same!

Have a STELLAR week!<3

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

This is a beautiful picture of Michigan earlier this week. you. are. welcome. :)

I seriously ADORE my gorgeous Sister Trent!<3 (We even accidentally matched. Comp unity at its finest!) 

All the sisters and an investigator at the mission home!<3 Love these sisters!

So we may have used sparklers.....hahahaha! With permission of course!;)

Me with my adorable, old comp, Sister Child! Love her!<3

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