Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 25: It's Raining Pollen!

So the whole Lansing Capital Area Libraries' internet services were shut down yesterday for some weird reason so I wasn't able to email! Sorry about that! But this week has been an adventure! I am getting to the point on my mission where I barely remember what I eat for breakfast so remembering this last week will be as hard as remembering what my first name is!;) Haha! And that is pretty hard! No lie! Me and Sister Lau have been practicing a musical number and we are singing in sacrament meeting on Sunday! She only has 2 Sunday's left! Crazy! We are singing, "Come All Whose Souls are Lighted" to the music of "If You Could Hie to Kolob"! It sounds so cool! Sister Hill in our ward found this gorgeous arrangement and we are pretty excited! Pray that nobody's ears fall off!;) Or bleed! Haha! Jk! It sounds pretty good! It is also a good incentive to get our investigators to come to church! Guilt trip them! Haha! So bad, but hey! So true! And we have had some killer P-Days lately! The Lansing Zone is legit! Especially the Meridian District! ;) Well now we are calling it Merlot since that is Lansing, Holt, and Meridian all mixed together! Haha! My family is crazy! Every personality of the rainbow! So fun! It's so nice to be so close to your family out here in the mission field. It makes missionary work so much better! Here are Momma's questions of the week:

1.) Tell us about your investigators? Have things picked up since last week?

Same ol', same ol' with everyone you already know about! Except we did pick up 3 new investigators this last week! So exciting! The work is really progressing in this area! 

Anthony-He is Asian and lives right next door to us in our apartment! He is so cool! He told us, "If it's true, sign me up. But if not, I am jumping ship!" Hahahahaha! So we are working on building his testimony! It is hard though because we can only meet with him once a week! But it will all work out! Pray for him!

Brian and Linda Leeks-We met them door knocking on Saturday and they were sitting outside on their porch. They are the funniest people I have ever met. And so nice! They are black and Brian went to school with Magic Johnson and they are good friends! Crazy! (For those of you who don't know who Magic is he's a famous basketball player. Get with it! Jk! Haha!) They were so impressed that we could answer their questions and Brian was telling us that they had been meeting with Elders 2-3 years ago and they still call him to this day asking why he's not taking lessons! Haha! Well....we found him! We invited them to church and prayed for it that night and guess what......THEY CAME TO CHURCH! They loved it! We were pretty scared because they were telling us they love their church because of the diversity. Sunday morning they walk in the chapel and it's full of white people! All our black people are less active unfortunately!:( We were so worried. But the ward totally swarmed them and loved them after! Brian even went to school with one of the counselors in the bishopric! He thought that was so crazy! And Linda said, "Man! I feel so refreshed! I feel the Spirit working through me!" right after sacrament! They are awesome! We teach them tonight! We are going to invite them to be baptized so please, please, please pray that they will accept and gain a true testimony of the church! WE BAPTIZE CONVERTS!:) 

2.) What are some of your favorite scriptures to share with investigators?

I honestly love the book of Alma! I have been sharing a lot of scriptures and stories in there lately! But I don't think there's a specific favorite! We do share Moroni 10:3-5 a lot though!:)

3.) I know we all love to hear from general authorities. Do you ever share their talks/stories with investigators?

Yes we do! And a lot of less actives and members as well!:) They are way too good not to share!

4.) Have you come across any "Bible Bashers"? What's their reaction to the Book of Mormon?

All. The. Time. And they think it's just a crazy, made up book that Joseph Smith wrote. But it's interesting because EVERY PERSON I have asked they said they read it, and when I asked if they prayed about it they say, "No. I already know for myself." Ding, ding. Wrong answer folks. Ask God. He is way smarter than man's knowledge. Just in case we didn't already know that. People's answers are pretty funny and even mean sometimes. But I just feel bad for them, I don't ever get mad. Someday they will know. We just have to keep trying our best to share and testify of what we know. And the blessings that come with it!:)

Well that is about it! I will see if I have taken any pictures this week! I know we took a ton on our district leader, Elder Cornelison's, camera because we did a Zone Scavenger Hunt on MSU Campus for P-day! It was so fun, but man.....MSU is the biggest college campus in America. You could say we were tired. We split up into our districts and had an hour to take pictures with as many things as you could! Luckily it was a beautiful day! But it is starting to get humidity and man. I can take dry heat, but the humidity kills! Slowly but surely getting used to it!

I love you all so much! I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you even more! Stay close to them! Keep the faith! And have a stellar week!<3

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

The Lapreze Family that we are working with! Amazing people! This was taken after we did service for them and we are trying to reteach them the lessons since they were baptized years ago!:) Love them!

Melisse! Love her!<3

Our bowling game scores last P-day! See how "R" beat "Corn Daddy"! Haha! Beat Elder Cornelison by 3 points and since he lost our bet he totally had to write and sing us a rap! Talk about hilarious!:D

Sister Lau calls me an Elder when it comes to old cars and trucks! Bahahaha! I had to! We were out door knocking and even though the man wasn't interested he was still nice enough to let us take a pic by his car!:D

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