Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 9: Slirpees, Slippin', and Savin' Souls! Haha! :)

Family and Friends!<3

Oh how I love hearing from you all on Monday! It gives me a recharge for the start to a long week!:) Thanks for all the packages, letters, emails, prayers, etc. It helps and blesses me more than you know! As for this are Momma's questions:

1.) So how are the Vanegas' doing? Better? The same? And Abe & Hun?

Our lesson and dinner with the Vanegas' got canceled last week. But we are going tonight! I love that family so much! Keep them in your prayers please! And Abe came to church yesterday!!! So did Steven! They are awesome!:)

2.) How many wards do you cover? Just one or multiple?

Just one! Thank heavens! But I am pretty sure I now know this ward better then my home ward!;) Ooopppsss....haha! But I seriously LOVE them! They make me feel like I am home and I know the Bishopric super well already! They are awesome!:) And I am pretty sure they love us too!;)

3.) What is your favorite lesson/lessons to teach so far?

The Restoration. I love it. It is how we have this church in the latter days. I have grown to love Joseph Smith so much and all he did for this church. Once you have a testimony that he was a true prophet, you can come to know that The Book of Mormon is the literal word of God.

4.) What's the longest period of time you've been out finding so far? (Just wondering cuz that's gotta be cold)

Probably 3 and a half-4 hours in a row. The Lord really blesses us though. I once said a prayer for someone to let us in because I was freezing and it happened at the next door! But it is warmer here now and THE SUN IS SHINING MORE! I never want the winter to come back! Haha! probs will!:(

5.) Introduce us to "Mama Bear" Summers:

Oh my! Where do I start?! When I first got to the mission I met her at the mission home and she had helped Sister Jacobsen cook dinner for us. Then I come to figure out she has depression and anxiety (like me) and that there was a period of time in her life that she left the church. One day she was at a dinner and the missionaries were invited and she was DETERMINED to prove them wrong and be mean. But they loved her so much that she couldn't resist loving them back! And that started her path back into the fold of God and her constant love, help, and support to the MLM Missionaries! We love her! She brings us treats, takes us out to eat, etc! We would be lost without her! And her testimony is so strong you would've NEVER guessed she ever left the church! She is a spiritual giant!:) I just love her so much and know Heavenly Father put her in my life for a reason.<3 

6.) A spiritual "high" this week:

We have a NEW, SOLID investigator! His name is Daniel and he is from Congo, Africa! He is going to MSU but he is married (his wife lives back in Africa) so we get to keep him and teach him! Sorry MSU sisters! Haha!;) He has such a strong foundation of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father already. We have only taught him the Restoration so far but I am excited to see where he goes! He said something that I loved. He told us, "This church is calling to me." And the best part is...he referred himself! He saw the Christmas video on and loved how it was all different cultures talking about Christ. Man! He is cool!:) Morgan even went to the lesson with us and she said something that left a deep impression on me. She said, "This is my home, because it's where Jesus Christ is." So it doesn't matter where you live if Jesus Christ is with you, it is your home.<3 That definitely applies to me here in Michigan!

7.) Ponderize scripture:

Well I read Zech.13:6 this morning in the bible and I loved it! Christ's people asked him (after he was resurrected): "What are these wounds in thy hands?" And Jesus Christ responded: "Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends."

Family and Friends...even Jesus Christ's own friends abandoned him, Peter denied him three times, Judas betrayed him with a kiss, the apostles fell asleep during Christ's suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, and yet he still loved them. And he still did the father's will. To what length will we go to do our Father's will? That is my question to you for the week! Ponder that and write your thoughts down! You will come to realize you can do more than you ever thought with the atonement of Jesus Christ. He loves you, so show him you love him too.

And now....I have a funny story for the week! Bahahaha! goes nothing......

So me and Sister Nelson were having a really rough day. She wanted a slirpee while we are out door knocking, so we stopped by the nearest gas station and bought one. Yes, it was pouring snow outside, yes we still drank it, and no...we were actually not any colder. Haha! So as we were walking down an empty road there's a ton of snow on the ground and then there were layers of ice under the snow. I have been telling Sister Nelson the past 50 times I have ALMOST fallen that one of these days I am just going to biff it. And yep...that's what happened. Slirpee in hand and all! Haha! I guess I screamed too...according to Sister Nelson. But I don't remember that much. Just ending up on the ground, sprawled out like a pancake on my back. I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. I think Heavenly Father knew we needed some comic relief and OF COURSE I would be the one to give that!;) But no worries....out slirpee was still alive and ok!!!:) Bahahahaha!

Well I love you all and the Lord does too! Have a fabulous week!<3

P.S. "The Lord doesn't expect us to be perfect. He only expects perfect progression." -Elder Neil Dorrough (one of the awesome Elders in our district)

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Our district meeting with President! (Who randomly walked in...bummm...bummm...bummmmm...hahahaha!)

All the sisters in our zone before transfers! Goodbyes are hard!;(

Elder Marley who went back home to AZ!;(

Right after I biffed it!;) And don't you love my "momma"?! I sure do!;) And see! The slirpee is all good!

Flippin' fat squirrels in MI! Bahahaha!

Cute little Julia and "questionable" looking us! Haha! Long Friday...long Friday....

"Grandma" made "mom" a late birthday cake! Gluten and dairy free! She's a boss! (Grandma is to the right of Sister Nelson!)

Just us. ;)

What New Year's Eve looks like for missionaries!;)

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