Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 11: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Friends and Family! (And Happy Birthday, Gabe!)<3:)

I hope you all ate LOTS of chocolate and loved one another even more!;) This week has been STELLAR! (Haha. That is "Sister Rogers word". All the other missionaries and my investigators make fun of me because I say it ALL the time. Not sure if I did before my mission...but now I do! Haha!) It has been FREEZING this week! Sometimes I feel like I am serving a mission in Antarctica! It got down to the negatives this let's just say I am so thankful we have a car for one more week! Here's Momma's questions of the week:

1.) Are you feeling better?:)

Much better! I am not longer "sick"! Hallelujah!:D

2.) How are your investigators doing? Who can we pray for?

They are doing STELLAR! (See! There it is again! Haha!) Virginie's getting baptized February 27th!!! That is in two weeks! We moved her date up because she is so prepared! She was like giddy excited at church yesterday and she got a priesthood blessing after church for comfort after a long week which was awesome! She loved it! And she just loves this gospel! Me and Sister Nelson are out of our element because this is our first baptism! So it is pretty exciting to say the least! We were in tears and like screaming and hugging right when we left Virginie's apartment after moving her date up. And she poked her head out her door and said, "I hear you! Hahaha!" It was pretty funny! I am so excited for her! I am blessed to know her! She has changed my life and I am glad I could be a tool in the Lord's hands to help change her's.<3

Steven came to a baptism we went to on Saturday. It was for Breana, one of the Elders' investigators that are in our ward. I have gotten so close to her because she was one of the first people I met when I got to East Lansing. She was so loving and helped me feel so welcomed because I was so homesick! I felt like we taught her! Me and Sister Nelson were so excited! It was a good Saturday! Steven was even asking about his baptism that is set? for March 5. But please pray for him because we still have some stuff to work on before then. I just love him though! He constantly teases me and Sister Nelson and feels like a dad in a way! I hope he stays true to what he is coming to learn and believe! :)

And then our other investigators are all doing well! The Vanegas Family came to church for the first time yesterday since I have been here on my mission! So that was a tender mercy and I was so happy!:) So continue to pray for them as well please!:)

3.) What have been some of your biggest challenges lately? Successes?

My biggest challenges lately....hmmmm....probably just getting used to this Antarctic cold and continuing to work on me and Sister Nelson's companionship. We are super different and it isn't easy (I'm not going to lie), but it has been so worth it! I have grown so much as a missionary and a person in general. I have never been more grateful to struggle getting along with someone. Our love continues to grow for each other.<3

My biggest successes would have to be Virginie's baptism and then how many of our investigators and less actives that came to church yesterday! We have been working so hard and 6 of our investigators were there and 3 less actives! Numbers don't matter! But those people do! I love them and I am so grateful for that tender mercy and the success we have had as a companionship as we have done what The Lord has asked of us.:) Yesterday, I truly felt how proud Heavenly Father was of me and what I am doing here. It was a cool feeling.

4.) What's something that's been motivating you lately?

The fact that my mission is FLYING by scares me! I love it so much! So just really making the most of EVERY moment. It's like that talk from general conference (don't remember who it was by) about how we are using our "4 minutes" because life is so short compared to eternity. We will have eternity to look back on our life, so make the best use of your time. Time is so precious and I have learned how much of a gift it is as I have been here in Michigan.:)

5.) Ponderize Scripture:

2 Nephi 18:16

How are you binding up your testimony? What could you do to bind it and make it even stronger? My challenge to you all this week is do something that will help strengthen your testimony of Jesus Christ. He loves you and is your best friend. So strengthen that friendship with him.

I love you all so much! I have felt the strength that your prayers, letters, packages, love, and support has given me! I am beyond grateful! Have a STELLAR and "warmer" week!;)

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

It's President's Day so we bought him balloons, made him a card, and baked him a cake! Bahahaha! It was "Grandma Sodja's" idea and her and Sister Mathis pretty much did all the work! i just did the driving! I am getting pretty good in this scary Antarctica weather!:) President LOVED it and got a kick out of it!

Zoo Trip!

We went to the zoo one P-day and it was so fun! The only bummer was the animals looked so depressed! Sister Nelson kept saying she wanted to let them out so they could roam free! Haha!;)

Trade offs with the amazing, Sister Foster! I got to go serve on MSU campus for a day and it was SO FUN! I just love college students! I hope I get to serve there one day!:)

Breana's baptism!:)

Right after Virginie decided she wanted to be baptized February 27th she said we had to take a pic! So of course us girls were all for pictures!;)

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