Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 12: Holy Hades, AZ!

Hello Family and Friends!:)

Holy Hades, Arizona!!! I think you have been bringing some heat and sunshine over here in the North Pole because these past couple days have been warmer! I can tell I am turning into a true "Michigander" when I don't wear a jacket or coat when it is 40 degrees F outside. Haha! We went door knocking on a 55 degree, sunny, windy day and we soaked it all in! It was beautiful and I didn't even wear a jacket! (Don't worry, Mom. I am taking care of myself. I leave my coat in the car in case I need it. Haha.) But me and Sister Nelson are STOKED because of Virginie's baptism on Saturday! We have a lot to do this week to make sure everything is prepared and good to go! Crazy! And our whole district is coming to the baptism and a ton of members in the ward! She's going to feel so loved!<3 I feel like I have known her forever. Not just 2 months! It is crazy how time works on a mission! Well here are Mom's (and Meg's) questions of the week!:)

1.) What do you ask when you first meet people/investigators to get them interested in the missionaries? could do a lot of different things depending on the person! Ask them what makes them happy and then tie a gospel principle in that would make them interested. And then be their friend and invite them to activities. Or even over to the house for dinner when the missionaries are there!;) And pray lots!:) It is different for everyone!

2.) How's Steven's progress going? Is the Vanegas family doing better? Any other investigators we can pray for?

Steven told us he was going to be at church yesterday and then he wasn't there.:( He usually even texts us with an excuse, but when we texted him he never texted back. So we could tell there were no good excuses this time! Please pray for him! It's just crazy because Friday night we had a Chili-Cook Off and he was there and EVERYONE and their dog were talking to him because they loved him so much! (BTW, Mom...I gave them the golden ladel idea and they totally did it! Haha! They loved the idea!) Anyways, so we are not really sure what's up. The Vanegas' were at church yesterday and they are doing ok! We just can never find time to meet with them so that is hard! Pray for our schedules to line up and work out so we can meet with them, please! And then Rick is doing well and progressing awesome!:)

3.) It looks like you've had some fun P-Days. Who decides what you get to do?

US! (A.K.A. the sisters in our district) Haha! The Elders are so sweet and always ask us what we want to do and then we all kind of compromise on something. We are running low on ideas though so me and Sister Nelson always push it off on the Elders to figure something out!;)

4.) How do the missionaries work in the University area?

There are 2 sets of sisters (one set are the STL's) and then one set of elders (the AP's) on campus. They love it! They go talk to college students on campus and then the institute/our MLM office is across the street from campus so they do a lot of lessons there.

5.) Ponderize scripture and a challenge for us all!;)

Someone gave a talk in church yesterday and said something I loved! They were talking about the Restoration of the Church and said, "We are all working on being restored." Which is so true! The restoration of the gospel isn't over! It has merely begun! We have so much work to do and we can all be restored through the atonement of Jesus Christ. It is amazing how the atonement works and how it has restored me in a sense. I never thought I would be able to sure a mission because of my anxiety and depression. And amazingly my mission has helped my anxiety and depression. Yes, I had to stretch and be cut down....but then I could grow and be healed. My mission has definitely helped heal and restore my life. How has the gospel restored your life? My challenge to you is to go "restore" someone this week by serving them! It won't only restore them, but it will restore you. And you will feel the atonement of Jesus Christ blessing you and the people you are serving!

I love you all and feel your prayers all the time! It is crazy! I can literally feel when people are praying for me! So thank you! And stay cool in that heat! Keep bringing it over here! And have a STELLAR week!<3:D

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

We found a house whose porch roof was painted like this! You wouldn't believe some of the houses we see here in MI! Bahahaha! :) It added a little blue skies to our day though!:)

Julia is already ready to be a missionary! It was SO ADORABLE! She put on Sister Nelson's shoes, grabbed her purse, Sister Nelson put her name tag on her, and Virginie grabbed her Book of Mormon and gave it to her! Hahaha! Virginie wants her to go on a mission someday! Oh how wonderful would that be!<3:) This little girl has my heart! She still screams in joy whenever we come over! It is hilarious!

I still need to name him...or her...I haven't decided! I thinks plants are boys and girls! Haha! I love my baby cactus! Little piece of home with me! Thanks family! I love it!!! 

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