Sunday, August 9, 2015


     After four of the longest weeks of my life, I FINALLY received my mission call Monday afternoon! There are no words to describe your emotions during that time. Literally. Here is a journal entry I felt the need to share regarding what I was feeling Monday night before I opened my call:

     "Wow. There are so many emotions running through me I can't even put them into words. I received my mission call today after the four longest weeks of my life! And I can't believe this time tomorrow night I will know where I'm going to be serving the Lord for 18 months. It's so surreal. Each step has been like a dream...deciding to serve, filling out my mission papers, turning them in...I thought maybe when I finally received my call it would hit me that I'm going to be a sister missionary, but I quickly came to the realization that I don't think it ever will. And I think that's because I have always been and always will be a sister missionary, with or without the badge. Being able to share the gospel with friends, Ezra's story, and all the trials in my life have led me up to this. That is why this whole thing isn't hitting me. It's been a part of Riley all along. And I can't wait to see where it takes me!"

Lansing, Michigan....I am coming for ya! December 2nd....I can't wait!!!:)

(The anticipation was KILLING me!)

(Hey.....listen up!)

(Breathe Riley, breathe.....)



(Just a tad bit excited!!!)

(Love me some momma!)

(One of my best friends and greatest examples...LOVE my big sissy!<3)

(My other best friend and greatest example...LOVE my lil' sis!<3)

(The 3 Amigos....even when apart we are still in each other's hearts!<3)


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