Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mission Photoshoot! I have NEVER in my whole life had such a hard time getting pictures taken! Nothing would go right! I mean literally nothing! My photographer canceled on me last minute for the second time (after I was halfway done getting ready), my brother that is an amazing photographer was gone for the whole day, my hair didn't want to function right, the Gilbert Temple grounds were CRAZY busy with weddings, baptisms, and other mission photoshoots, the list could go on. But I thank my Heavenly Father for an AMAZING, big sissy would stepped up to the plate and gave up her whole Saturday to take my mission pictures! And can I say how wonderful she did! Especially since she was using my brother's camera that she had never used a day in her life! And according to my brother it was on all the hardest settings and manual mode (for those of you who don't take pictures this just means it was even harder.) But she did it and I am so grateful! My big sis definitely saved the day! Thank heaven for sisters! Love you Ezra!<3

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