Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 51: 25 Days of Christ Initiative

Hey Family and Friends! :D

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, ate lots of turkey, gained a few pounds, and slept a lot! We had a blast! We went and spent our morning playing 4-square and hard core, intense card games (don't mess with missionaries) at the church with all the missionaries in our ward and the Grand Valley sisters. It was way fun! Then we went to the Oliver's in the ward for a yummy dinner, games, and dessert. And then all 6 of us went to the Openshaw's and had more dessert and games. It was so much fun! I love this ward! They are totally family!<3

Me and Sister Vera are SUPER PUMPED for Christmas!!! Like SUPER PUMPED! Jammin' out to Christmas songs, decorating our apartment, and Sister Vera's Mom even sent her this 25 days of Christ activity that we are doing. We were too excited and impatient to wait until December 1st, so we started it the day after Thanksgiving! Hahaha!:D

But we are also working on being more diligent and focusing on Christ more. We were promised in our last week's email from the assistants that as we have faith in our Savior and Heavenly Father, every single companionship would get a baptism this transfer. And man, as we have done so, we have see miracles. Our area is flourishing! We picked up a new investigator on Monday evening named Shannon and her daughter, Lily. They came to church along with Heather! And Heather even brought her husband! Plus, Shannon's son was in town and he came too! We had 5 investigators at church! Miracle! First time in 7 weeks since I have been here! And one of our sweet, less active sisters, Sister Bell, that I love even came as well! Church was a party! And so good! Sacrament meeting was all about getting out of our comfort zones! Our investigators LOVED it! And it was good for us missionaries too. It made me want to push myself even harder.

I know that as we get out of our comfort zones and turn to the Savior that we can see miracles in our lives. I know that he will bless us and we will feel pure joy. Not because of the presents this season, or the decorations, or the music, or the food, but because we have a Savior who is helping us be like him, and someday eventually return and live with him again. Find pure, true, lasting joy in the Savior and your Christmas season will be jolly and bright!

"....and their joy shall be in the Lord..." -2 Nephi 27:30

P.S. Light the World this Christmas season and do the 25 day initiative with your family and friends! Go to to watch the amazing video of Christ and to learn more!<3
Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Party on Thanksgiving at the Oliver's!:D

When members from the Grand Rapids Ward still love me and bring us holiday treats=happy Wyoming sisters:)


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