Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 34: 616 #anticapitoloftheworld

Hey family and friends!:D


So some funny stories.....

Last P-Day we played volleyball as a zone and just imagine a 250 lb, Samoan elder serving a volleyball as hard as he can.....and you are on his team.....and it slams you right in the side of your face as you turn to see where it's going. Yep. That was Sister Rogers' face. Angels were protecting me (I know without a doubt) because my nose should have been broken. Like hard core. I didn't even have a bruise or a headache. Blessings from above. He felt soooooo bad after.......he even called me that night saying he "is still repenting"! I told him no forgiveness needed! I wasn't even mad! It was just hilarious! And then my poor baby, Sister Gardner, got slammed in the face by an elder later that day too (not as hard though). We told them they aren't getting the elders back that were in this area so they might as well stop trying to kill us!;) They said we passed initiation. Bahahaha!:D

So this week was way long, but good! A roller coaster of adventures! We have done A TON of door knocking. Grand Rapids is the anti-Mormon capitol of the world for those of you who didn't know. And man, we came in to a pool of 0 investigators! And slowly....but surely....this area is progressing! We are working with a less active named Sister Zacha right now and helping her get back to the temple! All she has to do is come to church, but it is hard because of all the health issues she has. And we are finding a ton of potential investigators as we go finding....but keeping appointments we set up is the hard pray. Pray for softened hearts and that the Spirit will lead us to those elect searching for the gospel. I know they are here. It is just like a gold mine to find them.

Sister Gardner is doing STELLAR though! I keep telling everyone she is training me!;) I have never had a companion that has door knocked with me in such great unity with me so fast! She is a fast learner, great listener, and a wonderful companion. I already feel like her sister.<3

This ward is still AMAZING! LOVE THEM!<3 And they for sure love us! Dinner appointments nightly, rides to places, etc. We are definitely being taken care of here in G-Rap!

Oh! And we went up to Rockford for the first time the other day because a member took us out to lunch! And oh. my. beautiful. I will have to send you some pictures! Although I miss Lansing, this area is beautiful! I have to give it that!:)

This week I have been focusing a lot on how to repent better. Daily repentance. It is such a beautiful thing. Because the atonement of Jesus Christ we can progressively get better each and every day. Even when we are already good Saints, we can become even better Saints. More like our Savior, Jesus Christ, which is our goal. It is attainable. Not in this life, but I know and can testify our Father in Heaven and Savior are patient with us. They love us and will help us reach our goal of perfection as we strive to come closer to them. I am so grateful that my mission has helped me rely and come closer to them. Every trial I have gone through has been worth it. And I can promise in the name of Jesus Christ that every trial you are going through will be worth it as well. 


Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Welcome to the Grand Rapids Zone! :D

The sisters in the G-Rap zone!<3 I get Sister Young back! She is my STL again!:) And my other STL, Sister Vera, just came up with me from Lansing.

My cute, lil' sis! Love her!<3

This is in Rockford out the window of the restaurant! Gorgeous view of the dam and river!

Gorgeous flowers a member gave us! The flowers and nature here is TO DIE FOR!<3

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