Monday, August 29, 2016


Hey Family and Friends!:D

Getting a call from the Zone Leaders and not President on Friday was the greatest feeling in the world! Maybe I will even end up staying here in Grand Rapids for more than 2 1/2 transfers (psshhhh.....haha....that's funny....probably not....I joke that President just likes to move me all over.) But it has been a good and busy week!:)

The Detroit Temple was beautiful! Small, but breathtaking. Just like my testimony, I like to think!:) We went with Sister Guasta from our ward. We call her our grandma. She is a hilarious, sassy, sweet, fashionista who we just adore. 6 hours in the car with her was an absolute blast. But going to the temple felt like home. It didn't even matter that I was in Michigan. When I was sitting in the celestial room I told Sister Gardner I feel like I could walk outside and be home in Arizona. That's how much I love the temple and know it's the Lord's house because it ALWAYS feels like home. It was much needed after about 9 months without a temple trip.

Craziness!!! I TURN 9 MONTHS ON FRIDAY! I WILL BE HALF WAY DONE! :O Mixed emotions for sure! I am just trying not to think about it and loose myself in this work! Floyd is doing killer but sad news.....we figured out he might be moving in a week...and guess where he's Downtown Grand Rapids. So we are literally handing Elder Thompson and Laaksonen a baptism. But oh well! Floyd is getting baptized and I got to be his missionary and a part of his journey into the gospel. Who cares if statistics say I was his missionary when he was baptized. That won't matter in the next life. And he will still be in our ward!:D

Sara is........going downhill. She hasn't totally stopped smoking, didn't show up at church yesterday, and won't answer any of our calls. (We called and left messages 3 times yesterday.) We are worried and are suppose to teach her tonight so we will see what happens! Keep her in your prayers! Keep them both in your prayers!

And we are still teaching so many people and picking up new investigators! We will keep you posted! But I love you all! I know Heavenly Father loves us and is proud of us in our efforts to help his work progress here on earth! I also know you will be MAJORLY blessed for helping the missionaries in your area! That is my challenge to all of you this week! Feed, go on splits, go teaching, or just do something nice for your missionaries! You have no idea how much they do!;) Love you all and I hope you have a STELLAR week!;) 

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

We made it!:D

She's going to kill me for sending this! Sorry we are squinting and making weird faces....I thought it was pretty funny though!:D

Sooooo gorgeous!<3

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!:)

This sick nasty, huge grasshopper we found! Gag! It jumped off at us and you best bet we screamed like girls! 

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