Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 33: Well, Toto.....I'm Not in Lansing Anymore!

Hey Family and Friends! :D

I MADE IT TO GRAND RAPIDS SAFE AND SOUND! AND I GOT MY BABY! I LOVE HER AND I LOVE IT HERE!!!!<3 I do miss and love Lansing, and I always will! But the green wowza! It is wayyyyy more than in Lansing! It is so beautiful! Me and my baby are in awe and sometimes just sit in silence as we are driving to take it all in! Bahahaha! Our area is HUGE! I went from one of the smallest areas in the mission, to one of the largest areas in the mission! We have part of Grand Rapids, Kentwood (where we live), Ada, Lowell, Cascade, and Rockford in our area! HOLY HUGE!
My baby's name is Sister Gardner. She is from West Jordan, Utah and she's the cutest! She definitely has greenie fire and is ready to work hard! She is STELLAR! So obedient, so loving, so caring, funny, and she has never had sisters so she loves all the weird stuff I do (a.k.a. coming and sitting on her bed/on her......good times Meg and Ez.......hahaha)! We are super close already and I am learning a ton from her!<3
And this ward! Oh my goodness! Talk about loving to do missionary work! They are on fire! They are PUMPED to have sisters since it has been over a year! The elders were in shock how many people were coming up to us, hugging us, and telling us to call them if we need anything! And we get fed literally all the time! We have had dinner appointments since we got here! Even on Thursday night! And this whole week is full! I better be careful or I will come home looking like an ompa-lompa (or however you spell it)! Ha!
And our district is only the 4 of us! So small! But it is cool because I go home with our district leader, Elder Thompson! He is from Gilbert, AZ! Like we literally used to live so close to each other! We totally probably were at the same stoplight one day and didn't even know it! Haha! Craziness! And Elder Laaksonen came out with me and is the child of Elder Hoover in my old district! Small world! Our district is little, but fun!:)

Being in Grand Rapids has just been a testimony to me of how much I have come to know and love my Heavenly Father, as well as how much he knows and loves me. He knows who needs to be in our lives and who we need to touch. We have already seen miracles in this area! We are picking up new potential investigators and everyone is in awe because this area is so hard. But I know and can testify that as we come to know our Father in Heaven and Savior and listen to them, that they will guide us to the elect who are waiting to hear this good news!
I love this gospel! I love Michigan! And I love you all! Have a STELLAR week!<3
Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Here's my new address!
3352 Pine Meadow Dr. Apt 202 Kentwood, MI 49512

Saying goodbye to Elder Cornelison before he takes off to Midland and I go to G-Rap! So sad! Excuse my squinty eyes! It was way bright! And funny side note: I have a handshake with all my district leaders and so me and Elder Cornelison's happened to be the ninja turtle handshake. Haha. 

Saying goodbye to one of my fav families in Lansing! I cried. It was so sad.;( I WILL come back and visit them.

Saying goodbye to the Stewart's.......Sister Stewart texted me after and said she was bawling and Brother Stewart's eyes got watery when they dropped us off and said bye. My heart aches......I have a lot of people to come back for.

Saying goodbye to Sister Trent! One of the hardest things ever! I feel like I was jipped because I only got to be with her for 6 weeks! But I love her so much! I love all my companions so much and she will be one I will be laughing with in the eternities for sure!<3

Sister Kelley was literally my momma in Meridian. I don't know what I would have done without her!

Saying bye to Morgan!;( I have known her all 8 months I have been out! She even gave me a gift before I left! Love her guts!<3

My adorable little baby!!!!<3

This was a member's property!:O Welcome to Grand Rapids (a.k.a. Ada) can't even do it justice.

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