Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 18: #LDSConf

Family and Friends!!!:)

"Did you know how much I love you?!" (Just like Jeffrey R. Holland said!) I am so grateful for you all! Your letters, packages, love, support, prayers! It makes me feel like I am so blessed to be alive and I can't believe how many amazing children of God Heavenly Father has blessed me to get to know, meet, and love in my life! I thank him every day for you all! And you are ALL in my prayers!<3 

Here are Momma's "Questions of the Week"!:

1.) So, tell us about your new comp, area, ward, etc. How are things going?

I LOVE Sister Lau! She is from Arizona too! She lives in Buckeye! And dad! She was born in Birmingham, England!!! She wants to know what areas you served in on your mission! So cool! Small world! She is so gorgeous, sweet, and an amazing missionary! We get along great, laugh A TON, and are like sisters! The area and ward is awesome too! I already know most of the members even though we haven't had a regular church Sunday yet because of General Conference, and they are awesome! It is so cool because I know where mostly everything is in this area because we would come to this area all the time to email at this library when I was in East Lansing! But I love this area! I am glad I am in the same stake as well! It was so cool to see some members from the Lansing Ward when we went to the stake center to watch General Conference!:)

2.) Do you like your new place?

Yes! It is cute and small! But perfect for the two of us! AND IT HAS A TREADMILL! HALLELUJAH! :D I have missed running! Not the same as running outside, but better than nothing! I will count my blessings!

3.) Even though you're still new to Okemos, any potential investigators?


David- Sister Lau and Sister Steele found him personal contacting in South Lansing a couple weeks ago! I got to teach him once this last week and the Spirit was so strong! He's such a cool guy and came to General Conference (both sessions) on Saturday! And had to take a bus in the SNOW and walk there to get to the stake center! So you all have no excuse not to watch it! If you didn't get the chance to, go back and do so! ;) 

And we also have Llyod, Karuna, and a couple others! But we haven't got the chance to meet with them lately! So pray that we can schedule and keep appointments please! And pray for David to keep feeling the Spirit! He is really open minded and looking into a lot of different religions right now! But it was so cool because he took notes like CRAZY at general conference and would say, "Yeah!" everytime he agreed with something the prophet or apostles said! It was the cutest thing ever! Hahaha!:)

4.) Now that you've gone thru a transfer, are you seeing the blessings of them?

I am actually on my 3rd transfer now, Mama! But I think you meant area! Yes! I totally am seeing why we are needed in certain places! I accomplished my work in East Lansing and now it's time to accomplish what Heavenly Father wants and needs me to here in Okemos. I learned so much from my first area, companions, and the people I got to know, teach, and love in East Lansing though. They shaped me into the missionary I am still becoming! I am so grateful for that blessing!:)

5.) What were some of your favorites from conference?

Well I hope everyone LOVED and enjoyed General Conference and felt the Spirit! I know I did! My favorite talks were Henry B. Eyring's, Gerrit W. Gong's, and Jeffrey R. Holland's! And President Monson's of course, but they were all amazing! Talk about tears! I heard EXACTLY what I needed to hear and my questions were answered! Even the questions I didn't know I had! I know these men are men of God and speak his words. I love them. I sustain them. I will follow them to show how much I love God and his servants. I hope you all got the chance to watch them, and if you didn't, that is my challenge to you! Have questions in mind and listen for your answers! I promise as a representative of Jesus Christ that Heavenly Father will answer your questions. Why? Because he loves you! "May God bless us tomorrow, to help us remember how we felt today!" I couldn't agree with Elder Holland more! Keep those words close to your heart, treasure them, and follow them, and you will be happy no matter what life throws at you! "For tomorrow, the Lord will do wonders among you."

I love you all soooo much! Have a STELLAR week!<3

P.S. "The great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying, even if we don't succeed."
Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Oh! And my new address is:

4201 Southport Circle Apt.1A
Okemos, Michigan 48864


So I get the privilege of driving this good, ole' "soccer mom" van! It's pretty fun and nice! Never thought I would say that! Don't worry, Mom! I still won't get one when I grow up!;)
(**note from momma: disclaimer... please know,I do not nor ever discriminate against mini van owners. My kids just know I don't prefer them for myself.  I tried them....don't like them.  That's it. MAY have expressed my opinions to my kids at one time or another.  They aren't supposed to TELL people though!)

So I figured out I know how to paint and I am pretty good!;) I love serving others!

Look at how cute she is!;) She likes to cook! That means Sister Rogers eats yummy food!

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