Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 17: The Lord Has a Plan for Each of Us!

Hey Family and Friends!<3

I hope you all had a Happy Easter and ate lots of candy! I know I sure did!;) (And almost made myself sick....dumb lactose intolerant problems.....hahahaha!) :)

So I have many emotions running through me today. Late last night, we get a call from President and Sister Jacobsen saying "We are in the area, and wondering if we can stop by?" So of course we say yes and are kind of freaking out because President and Sister Jacobsen don't just stop by! They are busy people! Well....when President got over he told me a sister in Kalamazoo is going home for a medical reason and so a sister in our district that is in the Meridian Ward is going to Kalamazoo to take her place, and he asked me to move to Meridian with Sister Lau. TOTAL SHOCK! I thought maybe next transfer I would move to Meridian because President has had me moving back and forth and being in the Lansing and Meridian Ward the past two weeks. But I didn't ever expect this!

The craziest part is he said he didn't even know why he had me doing that this last week (switching back and forth). He just figured I would move there because this is Sister Steele's last transfer (Sister Lau's companion), and so I would go take her place after this transfer. NOPE! I leave tomorrow morning! I have been in tears as I am texting the members in Lansing Ward and all my sweet recent coverts and investigators. We are going to visit a bunch of them tonight so I can say goodbye and take pictures. I am going to be a bucket of tears. ESPECIALLY when I say goodbye to my sweet Virginie and Julia because who knows if I will ever see them again. They are moving back to France in June. So.....I am just going to be a mess today. And since I have been up packing and probably gone to bed at midnight the past two nights.:P So that doesn't really help!

But I am so grateful that there are no such things as "good-byes" as I said in my last email. Only "see you laters". I definitely now understand why they say it is harder to say goodbye (see you later) to people in your mission, rather than your family when you leave home. This has been my family for the last 4 months and East Lansing will always hold a very special place in my heart.<3 

Luckily, I KNOW I am suppose to go serve in Meridian. I am excited! I LOVE Sister Lau and I will be in the same stake and district which is so comforting. This is the Lord's plan for me and President has spent lots of time praying over it, and I have as well. When I have been going over there are trade-offs I leave feeling sad because it has already started feeling like home. And the craziest part is last time I was there (Saturday) I ended up meeting the Bishop, Ward Mission Leader, and other members. President said that is amazing and crazy and he knows this is the Lord's plan. I know too! It makes it so much easier knowing I have a Savior who loves me and a Heavenly Father who has a plan for me. He is watching out for me. He is watching out for you. They love us. And because of this gospel, I don't ever have to say goodbye.

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

So Sister Nelson's momma got us bunny ears for Easter!:) Happy Easter Every-Bunny! Bahahaha!;)


Easter with my sweet Virginie!<3

So we went to the State Capitol last Monday for a P-day and it is beautiful!:)

Capitol Shenanigans!:D #wearethebomb

Trade-offs at Meridian! My new companion as of tomorrow morning, Sister Lau, is on the left!:) LOVE THEM!<3

Found swings on a tree in Meridian and I DIED! Happy day!:D

Meridian makes me happy too!:)

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