Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 5: Ice Storms and #mishlife! Hahaha!:)

Hey family and friends!:D (First off, I put week 3 on last week's was actually 4...sorry! Haha! Mission life.....)

Can you believe it is 2016?! Craziness! This is the only year I have fully in my mission so I am trying to make it count!:) Part of our Michigan Lansing Mission Statement is, "We work with all our heart, might, mind, and strength." and I am definitely implying that into my missionary work! Never a dull moment, never a break, but that's the best part about missionary work! It's not about you! Here's momma's questions for the week:

1.) What does your average P-day consist of?

P-days are actually more crazy I feel like than normal days! We have SO MUCH to get done! Not enough time in the day! But me and Sister Nelson usually clean our apartment Sunday evenings, so we have more time for other things on Monday. We actually wake up at 6 (the struggle is real), even earlier than normal days because we go grocery shopping in the morning. Then we do personal and companion study while our laundry is getting done. (Today we went to another apartment complex to do it because it was FREE!;)) Then we come email at the library and then go out and do fun things with our district! Last Monday was Sis.Nelson's and Elder Dorrough's birthday (both in our district) and we had a blast! I made brownies and we had a "party" at the stake center with our zone! Everyone LOVED my gluten and dairy free brownies by the way!;) But we have also gone rollerblading, went to eat at Olive Garden, played basketball and volleyball, and today we are going ice skating!:) I love my district and they are for sure family! I still miss my MTC district like crazy, but now I just have even more family! So that is our crazy P-day! And then at 6 pm it is like a regular day again (back to proselyting).

2.) So how are your lessons going with McKenzie? Other investigators? Who can we pray for?

Oh, McKenzie.....we had such a great lesson with her and the Spirit was so strong but she told us at the end of the lesson that she wasn't interested in converting.....SO she pretty much looked at it like a history lesson. Keep praying for her though! Maybe a miracle will happen. We did tell her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. But she also doesn't know if she believes in God so we told her to pray about that too. BUT we had one of our other investigators, Virginie, come to church yesterday! She is from France and is going to MSU and I love her! She has a 3 year old named Julia and they are the sweetest! We have had a couple lessons with her and have another one on Friday! She is working really hard on her testimony and has made some awesome improvements! (No longer drinking, we still have to work on coffee and tea though). I can't wait for what the future holds for this beautiful, young mom! So prayers for her too please!

3.) How are your dinner appointments going? Still getting enough to eat?

Dinner appointments....what are those? Ha! We get maybe one or two a week if we are lucky! The holiday weeks are awesome, but it is kind of blank now! That's ok though because we have LOTS of yummy, healthy food from shopping this morning! And we are contacting lots of members for lessons, so they offer to feed us sometimes then too! But I am for sure taking care of myself! And I never go hungry! Heavenly Father for sure blesses us missionaries! I am so grateful!

4.) How have you spiritually grown this past week?

I have had the question and fear this week of, "How do people (strong members) ever fall way from the church?" That has been a worry of mine this week so I studied up on it and Heavenly Father gave me a great answer during personal study! And that is if we ARE NOT reading the Book of Mormon our faith is NOT growing and we will fall away. If not all the way, then our faith will for sure decrease. So how do we fix that? Read the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY! It is so important and you will come unto Christ so much! "Reading, pondering, and praying about the Book of Mormon is CRITICAL for an enduring conversion." (Preach My Gospel, page 38) I strongly testify that the Book of Mormon is our conversion story into the church in these latter days! Never stop reading it! 

5.) Are you and Sister Nelson working well together? Finding your "groove" yet?

We are STELLAR at teaching together, but we are still working on being like sisters and best friends. It came super naturally with me and Sister Sheppard, but it is different with me and Sister Nelson! We totally love each other and have fun, but we are still working on some things! I love her though and she is a great "mom"! She has helped me a lot and taught me even more!<3:)

6.) I'm kinda afraid to ask...but any blonde moments this week?

ALWAYS! ;D Sister Nelson saw a plane the other day when we were out finding and asked, "How far away do you think that plane is?" And I started to say, "About a mile." when she interrupted me and said, "17 months." funny....I may have punched her.;) Also we went to Kroger this morning and it says "Food and Drugs" under the sign and I said, "This is my kind of store!" and our car busted up laughing. There are so many I can't really remember them! Haha!:)

7.) A good ponderize scripture?

1 Nephi 7:11-12! Love it! Don't ever forget what the Lord has done for you!

Anyways, I am surviving the FREEZING winter here! Dang! It just gets colder! And we had an ice storm on Sister Nelson's and Elder Dorrough's birthday so that was kind of sad. We just stayed at the stake center because we had no car and it was scary outside. All is well though because we have a car this week! Happy Day! Never take your stinkin' cars for granted. I might bite your head off if you do! Haha! I love you all and thank you for the constant prayers, love, and support! My challenge to you is to Read the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY! No matter how much! I promise it will bless your life, but more importantly Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have promised you that! Until next week!:) See you next year!!!;D


Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

What we get to track in! Gorgeous, but freezing!

Out finding!:)



I am wearing the princess hat I got her!;)

My yummy brownies!!!:) With candles that weren't lite because we didn't have a lighter or matches!;) Hahaha!

Elder Dorrough! My brother from another mother!:) Love him!


The only pic I have because my camera died! I will have to get some from Sister Nelson later! #datmishlifetho #mishbedtime

DEATH!!!! That is called ice (for my AZ peeps!)

This is how we feel on car fast days after walking for 2 hours straight. Trying to be positive. The Lord prepared that street though! So cool!:)

Why I love this place and hate it! It's like chocolate!<3

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