Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 72: Called to Serve

Hey Family and Friends!<3

This week has been SO MUCH FUN! I have gotten to that point on my mission that I literally thrive in the busy-ness and love every second of it! I guess I have just learned to love stress!;) Or more like love the gospel! Whatever works, right?!
This week we got to go to MLC on Tuesday and I got to see one of my old companions before she goes home at the end of this next transfer! I LOVE YOU, SISTER TRENT!<3

Scott is killing it! He is still on date for May 27th! He is watching General Conference, reading the Book of Mormon, loves church, etc! We are working with him to stop smoking so pray for him! He is working so hard!:)

Brock is doing so well! He committed to scheduling an appointment with Bishop because he wants to receive the priesthood again. He told us it is for a selfish reason, because he wants to be the head patriarch in his family, and I rebuked him real fast and told him that was one of the most selfless reasons to hold the priesthood, so we can bring up our family in righteousness. I am so proud of him and I know Heavenly Father is, too. Even if Leticia isn't going through with the lesson anymore, Brock is still coming home.<3

Marla still has a lot of questions, but she is constantly reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if this is Christ's church. We see her on Wednesday and we challenged her to pray about a baptismal date last time we saw her, so we will see if she did that. If not, we are going to do it with her right then! I love her! She is so awesome! She even texted us a beautiful scripture from 3 Nephi the other day!!! :D How can she not be baptized when she loves the Book of Mormon so much?!

Sadly, we dropped Sy, Omari and Claude, and Jennifer, Joshua, and Karla! Sy never could meet, Omari and Claude always were late and had crazy stuff come up, and Jennifer, Joshua, and Karla weren't willing to pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. We had such a cool lesson with them, though. I don't know if I have ever felt the spirit so strong while reading Moroni 10:3-5. I was in tears. They are a great family and I know they will accept the gospel someday.
We had trade-off's with the Grand Valley Sisters (Sister Black and Gibbs) and the Ludington Sisters (Sister Murphy and Rhead) this week! I love trade-off slumber parties! They are the best!:D I love the sisters in the Grand Rapids Zone!<3 Greatest Zone in the Greatest Mission in the world!!!;D (And the Lansing Zone, of course!;) )

We also picked up 5 new gators this week. A girl named Ashlyn that lives in our apartment complex. She is 23, super cute, shy, and was open to listening to the First Vision and praying to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet and if the Book of Mormon is true! We taught a man named David outside of Cracker Barrel across the street from our apartment complex. He was super cool and is one of the head cooks at Cracker Barrel (he has worked there for the past 13 years)! We got an in!;) JK, JK!;) On trade-off's with Sister Rhead the other day we taught Ray and another guy named Jason door-step lessons about The Plan of Salvation, so that was cool! And then Sister Osmond and Sister Murphy picked up an investigator named Erin as well! 16 investigators and I love them all! So blessed to be teaching the people here in Michigan!:D

Cool miracle this week: Me and Sister Rhead didn't know whether to go left or right on this fork in a road, so we decided together that left felt like the right way to go. When we got to the end of the street, we prayed to pick up a new investigator. I literally opened my eyes, and across this grass field by the street there was a man in his 60's picking up tree branches in his backyard that fell from the storm. We offered our help and he said YES! (That usually never happens, especially when we are in dresses, but people, you would all be surprised what sister missionaries can do it skirts and dresses! ;) ) We talked to him and helped him for a while! He was wearing and Route 66 shirt and I brought up Arizona and he says he had been there before and loves it there! He is a very christian man and when we were done we asked him if we could share something with him that is very important to us. We taught him the first vision and about the Book of Mormon and he ended up telling us he has a Book of Mormon and really wants to read and pray about it. It was such a beautiful day too! The sun was shining, it was 75 degrees, the breeze was blowing slightly, we were sitting on log stumps in his backyard, and the spirit was so strong! He didn't set up a return appointment with us, but he gave us his number and said he would read it. We gave him a new Book of Mormon just in case he couldn't find his' and he was so grateful. It was so cool.

We also had stake conference this weekend and Saturday night's adult session may have been the most spiritual stake conference of my life! I have had the privilege to serve the people in the Grand Rapids stake for half my mission now and I love so many of them. President and Sister Jacobsen even got to speak and before President even spoke (he just stood up there at the pulpit) we did a surprise and all 41 of the missionaries in the stake as well as our 2 senior couples got up and started humming, "Called to Serve." When we all got up to the front we sung "Called to Serve" and the people in the congregation started crying. I couldn't even look at anyone in the congregation, because then I would get choked up and start crying. It was so cool. We stated our missionary purpose after we sung and sat down. The spirit was so strong and there's no way I will ever forget that moment. Plus, the whole adult conference was on missionary work, so it was a dear subject to all of our hearts anyways!:)<3

Anyways, looks like time is up! Love you all! Have a stellar week! And keep lookin' up!:D
Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Grand Rapids Stake Conference with the Ludington Sisters!:) (Sister Osmond reppin' Sister Mathis' dress!;) )


                                                 Me and Sister Osmond down at Lansing for MLC! Love her <3

Me saying good0be to Sister Trent at MLC! Love this sister!<3

Our apartment complex is beautiful! Lovin' the Michigan weather right now!<3

A car I saw and had to take a picture with! I just about DIED! (My love for old trucks may outweigh my love for chocolate!)

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