Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 71: What an Eterna-Week!:D

Hey Family and Friends! :)

Life is crazy on these eterna-weeks (no P-day and district meeting)!!! But the mission couldn't be better right now!:)
Sister Osmond is my new companion. She is about my same age! She leaves one transfer after me and SHE IS FROM GLENDALE, ARIZONA AND KNOWS MY COUSINS! How cool is that?! We get along great and have been working really hard here in the Wyoming area. We currently have 22 investigators, 4 less actives, and a recent convert we are trying to work with! Pray for them to progress! They are all so awesome! I have gained so much love for the people we teach!<3
A little update on some people.....Marla is doing well! We see her this Wednesday and we are going to teach her at our ward mission leader's home and watch the restoration video with her! Pray she feels the spirit and will have the desire to be baptized! We have taught her almost all the lessons and she knows it is coming down to her choice!

Jim, our Jehovah Witness, is cooler than we thought! We taught him this week and he said, "Well, that would be smart!",when we told him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, and not to just take our word for it! Prayers he will do that and be open! He is really into his church right now.

Scott is KILLIN' it! He is still on date! He had to work on Saturday and Sunday, so he recorded general conference! He told us last time we texted him (last night) that he watched the first session and was working on the second one! He is so awesome and still on date! We are about to teach him the word of wisdom after emailing! Pray that he still desires to be baptized and that his heart will be softened to live the word of wisdom!

Brock is starting to come back! The last lesson we had was when Sister Mathis was still here, but he told us he really desires to have the priesthood to preside over his family and he believes it is really important. He told us how it hurt his heart when he wasn't able to bless his baby boy, and his brother did, and since his wife is pregnant, he wants the priesthood to be able to do that! He even came to the Sunday Morning Session of General Conference! He's doing great, but his wife, Leticia, pretty much told me and Sister Mathis that she didn't find it important to learn about the gospel. Pray her heart will soften as she sees all this change in Brock! We see them this next Sunday!

Omari and Claude are awesome! We had a recent convert, Daniel, come to lessons with us to translate for Claude because he doesn't speak English very well. Omari told us if he came to know these things were true he would be baptized!!!! And we got to watch the restoration video with them in French, so that was pretty cool!:) Pray that our lessons can get a little more organized though. Ever try teaching people that speak different languages half the time?! Crazy.....
Miguel and Alondra are doing well! They started living the word of wisdom as soon as we taught them it! They have so much faith! Last we heard, they were watching some of General Conference! So proud of them! Pray for softened hearts when we teach them the law of chastity. We are going to have some stumbling blocks with that one! But as we read in the Book of Mormon, we can make our stumbling blocks become our stepping stones to God!:)

We met up with Ryan O. again! Our skater friend! We had a lesson with him last night and he is awesome! He is so grateful for us teaching him! It's so cool when people tell us how grateful they are for us meeting with them! We don't get that too often! Just pray Ryan isn't looking at anti, because he has a lot of interesting questions!;)

We picked up a former investigator me and Sister Vera used to teach, named Sy. He is from Vietnam and his English has gotten SO MUCH better than it was before! We are excited to share the gospel with him! Pray that we can have the gift and interpretation of tongues as we teach him!:)

We had another cool experience this week! We were door knocking and I was praying so hard in my head that we would pick up 2 new investigators on this one street! AND GUESS WHAT?! WE PICKED UP 3! Jennifer and Joshua, as well as her mother, Karla, let us right in. They had questions about the Plan of Salvation and Mormons in general, so we answered them, taught the Plan of Salvation, and even set up a return appointment with them for tomorrow night! We are so excited to teach them!:)

Chris, the other Ryan, Brenda, Shawn, the Pendergrass', and Kristy haven't had anything new happen. But we are still teaching them!:)

I hope you all LOVED General Conference, because I know I did! I feel the Spirit so strong. I know with all the conviction in my heart that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet here on earth for Christ's Church. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I loved when that was what Thomas S. Monson's short little talk was about. How we should read the Book of Mormon every day and that will help us know the church has been restored on the earth and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. As Thomas S. Monson said, "The testimonies of others can only get us so far!" "Prayerfully study the Book of Mormon overcome doubt, temptation, have the Spirit with us..." That was by far one of my favorite talks, but I literally loved them all! It is so hard to answer my favorite talk because they all speak to me in different ways! And shout out to Elder Joaquin E. Costa, of the Quorum of the Seventy,  for helping us with our investigators desire to be baptized! I love our general authorities and sustain them with all of my heart! I would go and list all the quotes I loved....but that would mean I would be on this computer all day! You can email me and ask me from certain talks my favorite quotes, though! :)
I love you all and hope you have a stellar week! Don't forget to, "Look up!"<3

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Saying good-bye to 3 wonderful companions all at the same time! I was blessed with the best companions EVER! :)

My new companion, Sister Osmond, she is so cute! Love her!<3

"The Last Melon" that movie....more like "The First Flower"...that I have seen this spring! My heart probably skipped a few beats because I was so excited!:)

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