Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 63: I'M STAYING! (And oh, how I am grateful!)

Hey Family and Friends!:D

So transfer calls came.....AND I AM STAYING! I AM SO PUMPED! I literally was so nervous on Thursday night. I was waiting to hear President's ringtone to say I was moving, and it never came! I was so happy! Haha! Never so happy to not hear President's voice! ;) But Sister Mathis kept playing the worst pranks on me! She changed everyone's ringtone to President's, so whenever someone called I would freak out and she thought it was so funny! I caught on after the first time!:P But I am excited to kill Sister Mathis off! AND YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHO IS COMING TO GRAND RAPIDS WARD! My momma, Sister Nelson! I get to be her STL for her last transfer! I am sad to see my baby, Sister Gardner, go. But I am so pumped to go on trade-offs with my momma! Got to be with her at the beginning and end of her and my mission! So cool! I will get to hear Sister Mathis', Sister Nelson's, and Sister Vera's departing testimonies all at zone conference this transfer! There will be a lot of tears, but it is such a cool tender mercy! I was literally blessed with the greatest companions ever!

Here is some of the craziness that happened this week:

-We are still getting Onna ready for her baptism and she is doing great! She told us the other day that she taught her wrestling team (yes, our cute, little Onna wrestles), how to pray! It was so cute! She taught them just like we taught her and she says they even won! So cool! Keep praying for her! Craziness always comes up before baptisms so we are praying it all runs smoothly!

-We picked up a new investigator this week named Elington! We met him door knocking and he was the one who just came to church the next day and all we did was text him the address! He didn't even respond! So cool! And then we taught him the restoration the other day and put him on date for baptism for March 25th! So cool! He said, "If because of one 14 year old boy named Joseph Smith, I have you two ladies sharing this with me hundred of years later, how could it not be true?!" He was eating it up! He is so cool! He also offered to buy us a car when he figured out we were walking and on car fast week. "Uhhhh...that's ok! We really do like walking!" (Not what I wanted to say at all, more like, "Of course! Do you want to pay for my schooling, too?!" He has just a little bit of money!;) )

-We had some really cool miracles door knocking this week! I felt inspired to walk to this certain street in Grandville and while we were walking, Sister Mathis felt inspired to door knock this little Ct. Well this one lady answers her door just beaming! "Well, this is a change from what we usually get!" (Was what I was thinking!) And then she goes on to get teary eyed and told us she was just praying to God for a hug! She was waiting for a call from her parents in Minnesota to see if her mom was diagnosed with liver cancer, and she is a single mom that just got out of a nasty divorce. She said when she saw our "Jesus tags" it just made her cry! We said a prayer with her, gave her hugs, and even though she wasn't interested in our message right then, I was so glad to be an answer to somebody's prayer. So after that happened, we continue walking to the street we had planned and we picked up a new investigator on that street! Her name is Getty and she is 23 and from Africa! She has been here for 3 years and she is so sweet! She let us in and we taught her the restoration! We are hoping she comes to church tomorrow! And on that same street, just a couple houses down we met a single mom named Arika! And she just started bawling when she saw us! "What the heck is happening today!" (Was what we were thinking!) Well, it turns out she has brain cancer and is almost in remission and she saw a lady with our same tags, (a sister in our ward who is a service missionary) at the hospital the other day when she was getting chemo. She said Sister York (the lady in our ward) gave her one of the blankets she sewed. Arika told us she doesn't believe in coincidences and just starting crying! We are going back to teach her on Tuesday and I am so pumped! So cool to see that the spirit leads and guides us where to go!

-We also got to see some of our old missionary friends who came back and visited Michigan! Jenica Chisholm and Kaden Coziar! It was so nice to see them! They came teaching with us yesterday and then we went and got smoothies for our lunch break! So fun! They said it feels like home to be back in Michigan and they  prepared me and Sister Mathis for the things we should know when we get home!

-Blonde moment of the week: When me and Sister Mathis door knock the same door.....5 minutes later....we were tired that day. Not sure how that happened. #awkward #notreally #nothingsawkanymore

I think that is it for the week! Such a good week! I am so grateful for the gospel and how it has changed me and those I love! I hope you all have a stellar week and I will talk to you again on February 20th!:D

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

(**So Momma Rogers took some liberties this week & decided to add some pics that the wonderful Michigan members have been sending us to include in the blog:)

Can you tell how happy they are to be staying in the Grand Rapids Zone?! 

Be careful Sisters! ;)

This is in front of the Grandville Public Library where they email their families every pday.

The good ol' Grand Rapids Zone! Love these peeps!<3

Now this is the true colors of the Grand Rapids Zone!;)

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