Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 61: An Apple A Day Keeps Satan Away

Hey Family and Friends!<3

WOW! Time is flying! I can't believe January is almost over! I feel like just yesterday it was Christmas! And now it's almost February and Gabe is almost 14! Crazy!

This week was so good and so tiring! But there is no better feeling than to go to bed completely exhausted. Spiritual, mentally, emotionally, physically, all of it! We got to have trade-offs with Grand Rapids and Grand Valley! So I got to be with my baby, Sister Gardner, and then Sister Black as well! It was so fun! I learn so much from the sisters in the Grand Rapids Zone. It is sad to think those might have been my last 2 trade-offs as a sister training leader in this area. I guess we will see what happens! February 9th I will find out!

Onna is doing SO STELLAR! She came to church, mutual, and a young women's event last night and she LOVES IT! She already has so many friends and the girls adore her! It is so cool to see a 14 year old teenage girl changing her life for the better. She is truly being converted. Her light is shining brighter and she is so dedicated. When we were teaching her the Word of Wisdom, I told her to try eating apples to wake her up in the morning instead of coffee and next time we see her she said, "I ATE LIKE 10 APPLES THIS MORNING AND I AM SO HYPER!" I thought, "Great, now she will have a sour stomach!" But I was just laughing and so proud of her! She is truly like our little sister! Sister Mathis nudged her during sacrament meeting and told her, "You should go on a mission!" And then she said, "Yeah! I only have 5 years to go!" Haha! But she totally surprised us last night! We went to New Beginnings with her and it was so cute because the YW and leaders introduced her to the ward! And then we had a lesson with her after and she said, "Sisters, I want to talk to you about my baptism." (She's on date for February 18th, btw!) We were thinking, "Crap. What now?" And then she exclaimed, "I WANT TO GET BAPTIZED SOONER!" Well...that one was a shocker! Bahahaha! Me and Sister Mathis just looked at each other and laughed! We are trying to work out all the details, but now we are shooting for February 10th! We will see what happens! Just pray that it works out in the Lord's timing and how it's suppose to!:)

Lily is doing alright. She is progressing slowly but surely. She is sick right now so she wasn't able to come to church or New Beginnings yesterday, which was a bummer! Pray that she will have motivation to keep the commandments and keep reading and praying though! We know she likes church for the friends and social aspect, we just aren't sure right now where her testimony is at.

We also had a zone training and a missionary worldwide broadvast this week! It was so cool! Me and Sister Mathis trained on accountability! It went so good! The spirit was so strong! And our missionary schedule got changed a bit! We have longer P-days (by 2 hours), get to go to bed an hour earlier, and get to choose when we do our companionship study during the day! We start it up this next Friday and I am excited to see how it goes! I have faith that the first presidency was so inspired to do this! I really feel like it will help the work progress along even faster!:)

We also started teaching 3 kids of a less active members in our ward and they want to get baptized as well! We are adding to the youth in the Wyoming Ward seeing as 5 (or most) of our investigators are youth! I love it! I am hoping that is a sign that I will have a calling in young women's someday!:)

I am so grateful for repentance and the opportunity that I have had on my mission to see Jesus Christ literally transform lives! Including mine! I know it's never to late to come closer to him, strive to be more like him, and then ultimately return and live with him again someday!

I love you all and hope you have a STELLAR week!

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Trade-offs with Grand Rapids and my posterity is the BEST!:D (And so are these stellar hair nets and aprons!)

Trade-offs with my girl, Sister Gardner! I think this was the first time I had used a hose in almost 18 months! I was loving life! We love volunteering at Meals on Wheels!:) 

                                                                              Me and Sister Mathis!<3

                                Zone Training and the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast with my gorgeous comp!<3

Sooo....I have a really cool companion. I didn't have a water bottle to use and I was like, "Dang. I love water. I am going to struggle today." And then she was like, "Hey! I will can you some water!" Moral of the story: I got to drink water in a old, coconut oil, mason jar. And the best part was it didn't spill and she carried it in her bag all day for me! That's true love, right there!

Who says I can't drink water out of a can?!

See! It works! ;D

Us with Onna at New Beginnings! It was so cute! We love her!<3 It was "The Wizard of Oz" themed! (You would have died at the costumes the YW leaders wore, mom!)

The Wyoming Ward Young Women!:) 

Happy Chinese New Year!:) #thankspanda #alwayspullinthrough

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