Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Week 59: Prayers and Study

Hey Family and Friends!:)

So this week has been crazy! We had MLC down in Lansing on Tuesday and that was a blast! Including my companion, Sister Mathis, 3 of my companions are sister training leaders! I got to see Sister Nelson and Sister Trent! Sister Nelson is a sister training leader in the Lansing Zone and then Sister Trent just finally got moved from Meridian (yeah, she was there FOREVER), and is a sister training leader in Traverse City! So you can say I had a blast seeing everyone!:D

We also had interviews with President and I just adore President Jacobsen. He always says exactly the things I need to hear. And he emails to me are so inspired. I am so grateful him and Sister Jacobsen are my mission parents.:)

We had trade-offs with Big Rapids this week. I was with Sister Pope and Sister Mathis was with Sister Newby. But they changed up trade-offs a little bit....the sisters now BOTH come to our area and we work in our area for the day! It is so nice because it saves us so much time, using members' miles, and helps us get to work in our area more so it progresses. It turned out to be a huge success and slumber party!:D

We are still working hard with Lily! She is still on date for January 28th, but if we can't get all the lessons taught to her in time we might have to push it back a little bit. But it's her birthday and she's turning 13, so me and Sister Mathis are going to go take her cake today!:)

I have been thinking a lot on how to build our faith and it comes back down to the basics. Meaningful prayer and scripture study. "We talk to God through prayer, and he talks to us through the scriptures." I have really been trying to work on saying out loud prayers. I feel so much more close to my Heavenly Father and then you just feel more confident in knowing who you are. I challenge you all to change up how you pray or study your scriptures! I know it will strengthen your faith and make you happier! Have a stellar week! I love you all!

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

I should win an award for being able to pull off mismatched clothes! (In my defense it was laundry day and I had Lansing and G-Rap pride! The shorts are from MSU and the shirt is from Grand Rapids!)

Trade-offs with Big Rapids! (Please ignore that I look like a goober! We were so tired!)

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