Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 53: Church is that even possible?.....

Hey Family and Friends!<3

So this week was CRAZY BUSY and REALLY WHITE! The snow is dumping here in Grand Rapids! It looks like I will get my FIRST, WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! :D It was actually so snowy yesterday that they cancelled church! (There's a first time for everything I guess.....) But me and Sister Vera had a blast this week, it is definitely starting to feel more like Christmas! It literally is like magic in the air! Especially with all this snow, hot chocolate, and happy people wanting to be more Christlike! I love it! Here are some of the things that went on this week:

-Blitz with the Grand Rapids Sisters!:) Got to spend time with my posterity and go back to my old area! I loved it! And we may have had a little bit too much fun seeing as I found out I am a total loser when it comes to leg wrestling....don't ask.....

-Trade-offs with Grand Valley as well! Got to go to Grand Valley with Sister Robertson and hear stories about my dad on his mission while I ate Marv's yummy burritos! Man, do I have blackmail on my dad! (Marv got the pleasure of serving a mission with my dad in the England Birmingham Mission).

-Michigan Lansing Council! Got to go to my home in Lansing and see all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders in the mission! Meaning I got to see my mission mama, Sister Nelson! Love her!<3 We even got to plan for our awesome Half Mission Christmas Party happening next Wednesday here in Grand Rapids.

-Watched the Christmas Devotional with Sister Peggy Toy. A cute, old, cat lady we got visit and see. She is less active because of her health. Every time I leave there it confirms to me more and more that I am allergic to cats. #canyousayichy

-Door knocked for 3 hours in the pouring snow and figured out that my boots have holes in them. I came home to soaking wet, freezing feet! Thanks dad, for the new boots!:D Hallejuah for living close to a mall!

-Shoveled snow for a old man named Jim! He was 72 and it was the cutest thing ever! He told us he couldn't pay us and we said, "That's ok! We do it for free!" He was so happy when we left he insisted we take a dozen eggs from his own chickens. And then he shook our hands and gave Sister Vera a cute, awkward hug. It was so cool. Service is what Christmas is all about. I will have to tell more of the story next week when I have time!:)

Anyways, I love you all so much! Enjoy the Christmas season! Don't stress! Spend time with family and serve others! That is literally the best feeling ever and the true meaning of Christmas!<3
Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

Blitz (where me & Sister Vera go spend the day in an area) with the Grand Rapids Sisters this week! Got to go back to my old area for a day! Loved it!:D 

My granddaughter, Sister MacArthur, and me door knockin' in the snow!:) 

Trade-offs with Sister Robertson in Grand Valley!:)

So we figured out Sister Rogers STINKS at leg wrestling....the things we do on our spare time of course....

This is Marv Rameriz! One of the coolest guys I know! He served a mission with my dad in the England Birmingham Mission and I got luckily because on trade-offs with Grand Valley I got to have lunch with him! Love this guy! (And dad, he wants you to send him this picture!)

Looking out of our study room window=beautiful!<3

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