Monday, March 7, 2016


Family and Friends!:D

I am so excited to say I am staying in this area WITH Sister Nelson and we are getting a THIRD companion!!!!!:D We are so excited! It is going to be so fun! President called and said, "Sister Nelson is the trainer, but Sister Rogers you are going to be helping her." So I am the weird middle man! But I am so excited because there is literally never going to be a dull moment!:D It will be rough in teaching and door knocking at first, but I know we will get it down and the Lord will provide a way! <3 Oh! And a cool tender Sister Sheppard (MTC comp) is up in Bay City but she is coming down to Lansing because the same thing is happening to her! She's going to be in a trio and while her companion and Sister Nelson are in training, WE GET TO BE COMPANIONS FOR A COUPLE HOURS! I was so excited when one of the AP's called and told me last night that I started crying! I miss her so much! We are both freaking out! I talked to her this morning in email and it is cool because we are both in the EXACT same position! We were literally meant to be sisters!<3 But me and Sister Nelson are getting along a lot better and I really love her! I obviously have more to learn from her and her from me, or she wouldn't be staying. The song, "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go" has had a special place in my heart this week! It makes me cry every time I hear it. I know the Lord has a plan and purpose for me. I also know through the tender mercies I see every day that he loves us more than we can comprehend and he wants us to be happy.<3:)

Here are the questions for the week:

1.) Noah: Big question: when were transfers & did you get a new companion?

Well....already answered that....haha! But we get her on Thursday!:)

2.) Eli: Have you gotten all our letters & do you like them?

I do get all your letters and I LOVE THEM!!!<3 You don't realize how much you love letters and packages, and how much they help until you are a missionary!:)

3.) Gabe: What's the worst food you've had so far?

Cat and Dog hair in EVERYTHING that a family served us. Yum, yum! And then i ate "questionable" chili one time and Sister Nelson told me she wasn't going to tell me what she found in it or I would have an anxiety attack! She knows me well!;) And still to this day, no matter how much I bug her....she won't tell me. Haha! Probably a good thing.

4.) Ezra: Highlight of your week?

Figuring our about transfers! It was cool because I had been praying about them and I wasn't ready to let Sister Nelson leave me, but I also wanted a new companion! So Heavenly Father gave me the best of both worlds!;)

Also stake conference was AMAZING! Stake President Coakley of the Lansing Michigan Stake has such power when he speaks the spirit burns in you like fire! I love him! Our stake conference was all about "Building Our Faith in Jesus Christ". One of my favorite things said (actually there a lot of things I loved) but it was something President Coakley said. He said, "We should be the most positive people on earth. We should be the happiest people on earth." How true is that?! :) The gospel brings us eternal happiness that we can't find anywhere else! I also loved when President Jacobsen spoke because he just stood up at the podium and said nothing until all us missionaries came up and sung, "Called to Serve". The whole stake was crying! It was the most amazing experience! 

5.) Meg: What does the Midwest (Michigan, Detroit) accent sound like?

They just pronounce some words with a weird drawl. I will have to show you when I talk to you all on Mother's Day! (Which is coming up soon!)

6.) Dad: (He knows he asked this before...) But when do you get the chance to go to the Detroit temple?

As soon as Virginie has some names!!! So soon, hopefully! We are working on it!

7.) Update us on your investigators:

Virginie isn't an investigator anymore, but she is STELLAR! She is coming door knocking with us on Tuesday morning and she is pumped!:D

Steven is struggling with his health and a lot of his family is sick! So please keep him in your prayers! I am hoping this hard time is building his faith.

Rick is on date to get baptized March 19th!!!!!! AHHHHH! He is so solid! We told him he had to be off smoking and coffee for two weeks before his baptism (and we taught him the Word of Wisdom exactly 2 weeks away from that date) and his response was: "Ok. I will quit today. I am getting baptized March 19th." Holy faith! Me and Sister Nelson couldn't stop smiling! He's the coolest and his faith just builds my testimony!

So as you can see the Lord's hand is in ALL of his children's lives! My challenge to you all this week is to share something you learned in stake conference or church with someone who could use a spiritual lift in their life! I love you all so much! God does too! ;)

Remember the church is true and I love you!
<3Sister Rogers<3
Michigan Lansing Mission

This describes our district to a T! Elder Dunn in the front is our district leader and is leaving!;( So we will get a new Elder and then our new Sister! But other than that everyone is staying! So happy! And Elder Dorrough (with the baby in his coat) is our new district leader! Bahahaha! So STOKED! LOVE HIM! Haha!:) This is the only pic I think! Sorry!

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